Building Services

Who To Contact

Who to Contact?

The City relies on proactive citizens to report code violations, such as trash, junk, debris, uncontrolled weeds and grass, abandoned vehicles, excessive noise, and other unsafe conditions.

Call 367-8613 or use the resources below to help keep our city safe and clean.
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Rental App

Rental Housing Permit Application

Property owners using property as housing rentals are required by ordinance to register and obtain a permit from the City to use such property as residential unit(s).

Use the links below to download or submit an application online.
Rental Housing Permit Application (download)


Our mission is to safeguard the public health, safety and general welfare of the public by regulating and controlling building design through verification of structural strength, means of egress facilities, stability, sanitation, adequate light and ventilation, energy conservation, accessibility for the disabled and the operation of electrical, plumbing and mechanical systems; to provide safety to life and property from fire and other hazards attributed to the built environment and to provide safety to fire fighters and emergency responders during emergency operations. The building services department is responsible for overseeing the protection of property along with ensuring public safety in building construction and maintenance.

Building Services is a division of Planning and Building Services and is made up of several subdivisions: Building Inspection, Electrical Inspection, Mechanical Inspection, Plumbing Inspection, Property Maintenance Inspection, and Code Enforcement.