Health Food Service Inspections


Health Food Service Inspection Scores Disclaimer

The City of Sioux Falls Health Department welcomes you to the Health Inspection report website. You will be able to access the health inspection scores and reports for every Restaurant, Cafeteria, Convenience Store, Grocery Store, or any other retail food establishment within the Sioux Falls City limits.

While viewing the inspection reports please remember an inspection score is a "snapshot" of the overall condition at the time of the inspection. Inspection scores are a means used by the City of Sioux Falls to ensure compliance with State Food Code requirements. On any given day at a food establishment there might be more or fewer violations.

Please note: Any facility scoring below an 80 as a result of the Health Department's unannounced visit/inspection will have a full follow-up inspection within 30 days to determine if the necessary corrections identified have been satisfactorily addressed. All critical violations are verified corrected either at the time of the inspection or at a follow-up inspection within 10 days. If any person would like to review the results of a follow-up inspection, such person is free to visit the Health Department at 521 North Main Avenue in order to review the appropriate file or call 605-367-8760 and inquire.

All attempts are made to accurately represent inspection scores however, inaccuracies may occur due to technical errors. If you feel a score is inaccurate or want any further information, please contact us by email or by telephone at 605-367-8760.

Health Scores FAQ

Common questions regarding the Health Inspection process and score reporting.

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