Public Parking


Pay Your Citation Online!

Paying parking citations is easier than ever. Simply have your citation number or license plate number available and a valid credit card.

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It's So Easy

Public Parking: It’s So Easy!

Just look for the gold “P” on the blue signs to find public parking lots and ramps downtown Sioux Falls. 3,500+ parking spaces await you, and they are free after 5 p.m. on weekdays and all day on weekends.

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New Mobile Site

New Mobile Site

Whether you’re heading out the door of your home or just visiting our great city, check out the new mobile site to help you find parking spaces downtown Sioux Falls.

Mobile Site to Find Parking Downtown
PAL: Happy to Help!

PAL: Happy to Help!

Formerly known as the Parking Patrol, Public Parking staff members are now PALs. They are here to assist you when you’re downtown.

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Public Parking Division provides sufficient, convenient, safe, and attractive parking for the employees and customers of the downtown area by managing the downtown parking system and enforcing parking ordinances throughout the city.