Shape Places

Shape Places

A Sioux Falls Zoning Ordinance

“Shape Places” is a context-based zoning ordinance adopted by a vote of the people on April 8, 2014.  These regulations have been based upon the Shape Sioux Falls 2015 Comprehensive Plan Adopted in 2009 by the Sioux Falls City Council. 

Shape Places - Zoning Ordinance
Shape S.F.

Shape Sioux Falls 2035

Why Shape Sioux Falls 2035? A Comprehensive Plan
  • A comprehensive plan develops policies that will help guide future ordinances, budgets, and master plans.
  • Last Comprehensive Plan had a horizon for 2015 (that is in 5 ½ years)
  • A comprehensive plan guides future land development.

Shape Sioux Falls
S.F. Beautiful

Sioux Falls Beautiful

Mayor’s Sioux Falls Beautiful Award Nomination Form

Sioux Falls Beautiful Award Nomination Form
Bike Safety

Bike Safety

Sioux Falls is a community of pedestrians, bicyclists, transit users, and motorists. Stay safe by knowing the rules of the road, no matter what form of transportation you use.

Rules of the Road
Planning Commission

Planning Commission

The Planning Commission serves as an advisory board to the City Council.

Planning Commission


The Planning Division provides direction for the physical development and quality of life within the city.

The Planning Division shall implement the mission through the development of transit, transportation, long-range plans, downtown development, historic preservation, neighborhood conservation activities, coordination of public improvements and private development with the comprehensive plan, zoning, and subdivision ordinances.


Emergency Community Preparedness

Sioux Falls Emergency Community Preparedness

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Many believe that disasters don’t happen in Sioux Falls or think it won’t happen to them. However, we have...   [Watch Video]

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