Bicycle and Pedestrian Connections Study

The City of Sioux Falls through its consultant RDG Planning and Design and Alta Planning and Design has developed the following concept plans to improve bicycle and pedestrian connections and accessibility.  

Bicycle and Pedestrian Connections Study

Rezoning and Conditional Use Permits

Applications for Rezoning and Conditional Use Permits can now be submitted and paid for online! Users will have to register or login to their account to apply.This will reduce the number of trips required to City Hall to file for these items. After submitting, the Planning Office will review the application and contact the applicant with requests for additional information or notify them that their signs are ready to be picked up for posting on the property.

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Shape Places

“Shape Places” is a context-based zoning ordinance adopted by a vote of the people on April 8, 2014.  These regulations have been based upon the Shape Sioux Falls 2035 Comprehensive Plan Adopted in 2009 by the Sioux Falls City Council. 

Shape Places - Zoning Ordinance

Shape Sioux Falls 2040

Why Shape Sioux Falls 2040 is a Comprehensive Plan

  • A comprehensive plan develops policies that will help guide future ordinances, budgets, and master plans.
  • The 2040 Plan was adopted last year to manage growth and development for the City and was a revision to the 2035 Plan that was originally adopted in 2009.
  • Shape Sioux Falls 2040 Plan
  • Shape Sioux Falls 2035 Plan


Shape Sioux Falls

Sioux Falls Major Street Plan 2040

What is a Major Street Plan?
Why do we need a Major Street Plan?
What defines the boundary for the Major Street Plan?
What does the Major Street Plan look like?

Adopted Major Street Plan

What is a Major Street Plan?

Rail Yard Redevelopment Plan

The Sioux Falls rail yard redevelopment area represents a tremendous opportunity to develop an urban project that pulses with life on a strategically located site in the heart of the city; and to build a bridge that binds two Sioux Falls’ areas—the downtown and Whittier neighborhood—together.

Downtown Sioux Falls Rail Yard Redevelopment

Rail Yard Redevelopment Plan

Pre-Application Meeting Requests

In an effort to prevent delays during the pre-development and public hearing process, the Planning Office encourages the scheduling and conduction of a Pre-Application Meeting.

Applicants can schedule Pre-Application Meeting by contacting the Planning Office at 367-8888.

To ensure a complete evaluation of your project; concept plan, site plans, and proposed zoning/land use boundary maps should be submitted to the Planning Office at the time of the meeting request.

Please download, print, and complete the Request Form for submittal to the Planning Office upon scheduling a Pre-Application meeting.