Tracking crimes is an important part of the overall management of the Sioux Falls Police Department. At a glance, analysts are able to see any trends, either up or down, in a given category. The numbers also help in the planning for patrol district boundaries and personal requirements for the various shifts.

A portion of our statistics is shared with the Federal Bureau of Investigation as part of their efforts to not only analyze crime on the national level, but compare the city of Sioux Falls crime rates with like-sized cities around the country.

2012 Crime Occurrence Statistics *:

  • Calls for Service - 1 call every 6 minutes
  • Homicide - 1 every 121 days
  • Rape - 1 every 4 days
  • Aggravated Assault - 1 every 34 hours
    • Aggravated Assault Domestic - 1 every 3 days
  • Simple Assault - 1 every 14 hours
    • Simple Assault Domestic - 1 every 10 hours
  • Robberies - 1 every 5 days
  • Burglary - 1 every 10 hours
  • Stolen Vehicles - 1 every 28 hours
  • Larceny - 1 every 2 hours
  • Vandalism - 1 every 5 hours 

* The ‘Crime Clock’ should be viewed with care. Being the most aggregate representation of UCR data, it is designed to convey the annual reported crime experience by showing the relative frequency of occurrence of the Index Offenses. The mode of display should not be taken to imply there is regularity in the commission of offenses; rather, it represents the annual ratio of crime to fixed time intervals.