Top 10 City Projects


Welcome to the Top Ten City Projects List

The following City projects are identified as Top 10 due to their significant impact on citizens and our community at large. These projects also have a significant impact through City departments, guiding their work efforts and collaboration. Below is an alphabetical list of each project, their objectives, and a contact name should you have further questions or comments. Stop back to this page in the future to see progress and development on these projects.  

Space Needs

The purpose of this project is to address current office space needs to accommodate growing City departments. The proposed project would include building an additional City facility to improve services to Sioux Falls residents, prepare for future city growth, and improve the work environment for employees.

More: Contact Erin Bofenkamp

Organizational Assessment

The purpose of this project is to assess the organizational and functional structure of the City of Sioux Falls to ensure that City departments are properly aligned to achieve maximum efficiency, productivity, communication, and employee well-being while providing the highest level of customer services for the taxpayer. Improvements will be implemented based on the results of the assessment and related strategic planning by City leadership.

Contact Reid Holsen

Downtown Parking Ramp

The purpose of this project is to build a quality public parking ramp to accommodate the downtown parking demand while providing opportunity for private partnership for aesthetically attractive mixed-use development.

More: Downtown Parking Ramp Page  | Contact Dustin Powers

2025 Downtown Plan Implementation 

The purpose of this project is to continue improving Downtown Sioux Falls. In December 2014 the City Council approved a plan that provides a road map for future public and private investment and development to transform the already vigorous heartbeat of our city. This project is intended to work on the implementation of the 2025 Downtown Plan to ensure the area continues to grow and flourish. 

More: Contact Dustin Powers

City Hall Renovation

The project objectives are to improve customer service to the public, maximize department and inter-department collaboration, create more consistent, quality work-space, standardize office space and create an environment that promotes employee wellbeing. In 2014, the City Hall Ground Floor Renovation consolidated the Planning and Building Services department staff on one floor. In 2015, the Second Floor of City Hall will be renovated for the Human Resources and Public Works Engineering Division.

More: Contact Lance Weatherly

Midco® Aquatic Center

This project is to design and build the city’s first indoor aquatic center. Based on the recommendation from Counsilman-Hunsaker and Associates, who provided the City with a citywide aquatic facility master plan, it was determined that Spellerberg Park will be the location for this new center. The project broke ground in August 2014 and has a target completion of fall 2016.

More: Midco® Aquatic CenterContact Kendra Siemonsma


Events Center

The purpose of this project is to build a quality multipurpose facility that will host sporting events, concerts, conventions, banquets, etc., and that will improve the quality of life and stimulate economic return to the citizens of Sioux Falls. For additional questions or comments you may contact Kendra Siemonsma.

More: Events Center Project PageContact Kendra Siemonsma 


Land Management Integration

The purpose of this project is to create greater functionality in business operations through the integration of current land management systems. For additional questions or comments you may contact Debra Gaikowski.

More: Contact Debra Gaikowski


Downtown Sioux Falls Rail Yard Redevelopment

The purpose of this project is to assess the feasibility of removing the rail yard out of downtown and determine options for its relocation. This would then create a redevelopment opportunity in the core part of downtown. For additional questions or comments you may contact Josh Peterson.

More: Rail Yard Redevelopment PageContact Josh Peterson 


Subdivision Annexation Project

The purpose of the Subdivision Annexation project is to complete the annexation of identified properties and subdivisions. Completing these annexations will ensure orderly growth within the city, provide adequate municipal services, and maintain equal benefits to both annexed areas and existing city properties.

More: Contact Debra Gaikowski