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Top 10 Wins of 2015

Central Services accomplished many things on behalf of the people of Sioux Falls in 2015. These are the achievements we consider to be the top wins of the past year.

Central Services Top 10 Wins
City-Owned Facilities Map

City-Owned Facilities Map

The Facilities division of Central Services oversees the maintenance and upkeep of city-owned buildings. See link below to launch a map that shows the location of each of the buildings.
City-Owned Facilities Map

CityLink Shows

View a short preview of CityLink's programming including: City Scene, PavNow, Ask The Mayor, The Front Row, Planning Preview, Inside Town Hall, Listening & Learning Sessions, and Special Features.

CityLink Programming Preview
New Channel

New CityLink Channel

The City of Sioux Falls is pleased to announce that CityLink has expanded its viewer options in Sioux Falls. In addition to Midcontinent Communications Cable Channel 16 and Vast Broadband Channel 11, CityLink can now be found on Midcontinent Communications Cable Channel 594 as a high-definition digital channel and on Vast Broadband Channel 511 as a high-definition channel.

New CityLink Channel PSA

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Central Services' mission is to provide responsive and cost-effective service to both its internal (City employees) and external (citizens) customers.

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