Alcoholic Beverage Licensing and Information


Alcoholic Beverage Information

There are three categories of alcoholic beverage licenses issued in the city of Sioux Falls: Retail, Package, and Special Event licenses.

Package: Sold to go, or example, buying a six-pack of beer to take with you.

License Transfers -- For all existing license types.


For a retail or package license, you will need to complete the first page of the Alcohol License Application Checklist (link below). If you are requesting a one-day license for a special event, do not complete a checklist. Call the Licensing Specialist for more information.


Fax or email the checklist to the City Licensing Specialist.

  • Contact Information:
    Jamie Palmer
    Licensing Specialist
    Fax No.: (605) 367-7330
    Phone No.: (605) 367-8082

    STEP #3

    The City Licensing Specialist will route the checklist to the appropriate departments. If it is determined that a Conditional Use Permit is required, Planning will contact you by email or phone to explain that process. If it is determined that you can proceed with the Alcoholic beverage Application, the Licensing Specialist will contact you by email or phone.

    • Contact Information:
      Jamie Palmer, Licensing Specialist
      City Attorney’s Office
      Phone: 605-367-8082
      Fax: 605-367-7330