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View a short preview of CityLink's programming including: City Scene, PavNow, Ask The Mayor, The Front Row, Planning Preview, Inside Town Hall, Listening & Learning Sessions, and Special Features.

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New Channel

New CityLink Channel

The City of Sioux Falls is pleased to announce that CityLink has expanded its viewer options in Sioux Falls. In addition to Midcontinent Communications Cable Channel 16 and Vast Broadband Channel 11, CityLink can now be found on Midcontinent Communications Cable Channel 594 as a high-definition digital channel and on Vast Broadband Channel 511 as a high-definition channel.

New CityLink Channel PSA

Programming Sponsorships Available

The City of Sioux Falls is accepting underwriting sponsorships to help support the cost of government programming on CityLink.
CityLink Sponsorships
CityLink Programming Sponsorship Policy
Program Sponsorship and Underwriting General Rate Card

Watch Your City in Action

The televised proceedings of the Sioux Falls City Council, City Planning, Minnehaha County and Joint City Council/County Commission meetings, and other City government video programming are provided to you by CityLink.
Live and Rebroadcast Meeting Schedule
City Council Meetings


CityLink is a cable channel granted to the City of Sioux Falls for the purpose of cablecasting local government information and programs. CityLink exists to keep you connected by informing and involving you in municipal and county government. Just go to, create an account, and select CityLink Programming Email Newsletter. CityLink can be found on cable Channels 16 and 594 using Midcontinent Communications or on cable Channels 11 and 511 on Vast Broadband.

The CityLink schedule is also available on TV Guide - Cable Channel 6.