Parking Ramp Project

Parking Ramp Project

The City of Sioux Falls is initiating a project to build a quality public parking ramp to accommodate the downtown parking demand while providing opportunity for private partnership for aesthetically attractive mixed-use development.
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Affordable Housing Applications

The City of Sioux Falls is seeking applications for funds to support multi-unit affordable housing development projects.

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2015 Multi-Unit Affordable Housing Development Application Program
Main Ave

Main Avenue Road Diet

The Main Avenue Road Diet pilot project was such a success that the City of Sioux Falls is working to make the changes permanent. Main Avenue from Sixth Street to 14th Street has been slimmed down from three driving lanes to two.

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Top 10

Top 10 Wins of 2013

Community Development accomplished many things on behalf of the people of Sioux Falls in 2013. These are the achievements we consider to be the top wins of the past year.

Community Development Top 10 Wins of 2013
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Neighborhood Project Grant

The Neighborhood Project Grant reimburses costs to complete non-capital projects that enhance a neighborhood’s livability and involvement, benefit the entire neighborhood, and promote a strong sense of community.
Neighborhood Project Grant

Neighborhood Association Handbook

This handbook is designed to be used as a resource guide by neighborhood associations in various stages of development. The handbook contains instructional information on how to organize your neighborhood and how to develop a neighborhood association.
Neighborhood Association Handbook
Neighborhood Associations


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Community Development 2025 Downtown Plan

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2025 Downtown Plan Update...   [Watch Video]

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