Snow Alert Parking


A Snow Alert will be declared if the City plans to plow all streets. At this time, parking restrictions will go into effect in Zones 1, 2 and 3. Vehicles on the streets will be subject to ticketing and towing when a snow alert has been issued. View a map of the Snow Zones.

Zone 1. (Downtown)

Area is bounded by Minnesota Avenue on the west, 3rd Avenue on the east, 14th Street on the south, 4th Street on the north, and includes Phillips Avenue from Falls Park Drive to 5th Street, Main Avenue from McCellan Street to 4th Street, 6th Street from Weber Avenue to Phillips Avenue, 8th Street from Phillips Avenue to Cliff Avenue and Reid, Franklin, Indiana, and Fairfax between 8th and 10th Streets.
Residents will be notified through the media when snow plowing will begin.
Vehicles will be ticketed and towed between the hours of 1 a.m. and 6 a.m. in the morning.
No snow from sidewalks may be deposited on streets once they have been cleared.

Zone 2. (Core Area) 

Area is bounded by Western Avenue on the west, Cliff Avenue on the east, Russell Street on the north and 33rd Street on the south.
North-south streets will be plowed during the daytime from 8 a.m. (morning) to 5 p.m. (afternoon).
East-west streets will be plowed at night from 8 p.m. (evening) to 5 a.m. (morning).
Plowing may begin at any time between the above stated hours.
During plowing hours, all vehicles parked in violation will be ticketed and are subject to towing.
There is no parking on Emergency Snow Routes.
You may resume parking on Zone 2 streets after they have been plowed curb to curb.

Zone 3. (Remainder of City)

No parking, day or night, on any public street, including Emergency Snow Routes, until all snow removal is complete.
You may resume parking on Zone 3 streets after they have been plowed curb to curb. Snow Alert Regulations