Internal Audit


Sioux Falls residents are invited to apply for a vacant position on the City’s Audit Committee to serve a three-year term. This committee, which includes both City Councilors and citizen volunteers, is empowered by City Ordinance to develop an annual audit program; review staff audit reports; and recommend changes to the City’s financial practices. The Audit Committee typically meets six times a year at 4:00 p.m. A qualified candidate must be a registered voter from Sioux Falls, and have financial and/or audit experience. To apply complete the Application for Appointment to the Audit Committee and submit it as indicated.

Internal Audit Program

To help the City achieve the highest efficiency and effectiveness with integrity.

To be a highly respected service division and a catalyst for positive change.

The Internal Audit function consists of an Internal Audit Manager and two Internal Auditors. To provide for independence of the internal audit activity, the Audit Committee oversees the auditing activities and reviews and approves audit reports and the Annual Audit Plan.