Sioux Falls Façade Easement Program

The Sioux Falls Façade Easement Program promotes the City’s goals of economic development, revitalization, and historic preservation in the core of the City. The program is designed to provide maximum opportunities for business development while enhancing the aesthetic appeal of buildings in the core of Sioux Falls by providing resources to assist in revitalizing the appearance of significant buildings. Through the program the owner of a participating building agrees to make approved improvements to the building façade(s) and transfer to the City an easement on the character-defining façade. By purchasing a façade easement, the City is able to meet its revitalization goals, acquire a real estate asset, and provide a source of funding for important core development projects.

Program Objectives

  • Stimulate new investment into core-area buildings to increase property value and the economic potential of participating properties.
  • Improve and upgrade vacant or underutilized buildings to accommodate new business, office, retail uses, and mixed-use residential.
  • Improve upgrade vacant or underutilized buildings to foster creation of residential units.
  • Enhance the unique aesthetic appeal of downtown and surrounding neighborhoods related to its architecture by encouraging the rehabilitation of buildings to create a vibrant environment.
  • Promote the development of aesthetically pleasing building facades.
  • Encourage the removal or reversal of inappropriate exterior alterations to buildings.
  • Support and expand the economic revitalization of the historic districts commercial areas.
  • Ensure the perpetual preservation of the architectural character of historically significant buildings.

More information on the program is available on the application that is downloadable on the right side of the screen.