Flood Management Updates and Tips

Latest Update: 3/22/19

Flood Threat

  • NWS has given us information regarding the flow that will be coming down the Big Sioux River and Skunk Creek
  • The Big Sioux River is expected to have two prolonged crests with steady to slowly increasing water levels
    • Beginning between Midnight on Monday and then again on Thursday morning
    • Flows expected to be in the area of 20,000 cfs
    • It will take several days for creek and river levels to drop once they crest.
  • Skunk Creek is still expected to crest between midnight Sunday and early Monday morning at 7,000 cfs or about a foot and a half higher than it is right now


  • To support people as they prepare for the anticipated rise in river levels and the threat of flooding, the City has opened a public sandbag filling location at Sherman Park. More Information
  • The City has begun filling sandbags for protection of City infrastructure
  • Sandbags are available to the public at Sherman Park from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. daily. 
    • Access to the site will close at 7 p.m. each evening. Those in line at 7 p.m. will be allowed to fill their sandbags.
  • Team Rubicon has taken over the management of this location

Levee Information

  • We are continuing to work with the Corp of Engineers staff to monitor the Levee
    • The COE is helping us train our levee crews on what to monitor as we conduct levee patrol operations
    • COE staff are working with us to monitor conditions with regard to erecting the closure structures if needed
  • The City is completing installation of a temporary levee system along Twin Oaks Road on the north side of Tomar Park
  • When completed the temporary levee will be approximately 2100 feet long
  • We anticipate that this work with be done either end of day today or early tomorrow morning.
  • Public Information

    • Yesterday, City Staff completed the distribution of door hangers to about 700 properties in or near the FEMA 100-year floodplain to ensure these residents are aware of the impending rise in river levels.
    • All sewer lift stations are being sandbagged and will be fully protected by end of day today today.
      • The Brandon Road Lift Station, which pumps about 90% of the city’s wastewater to the treatment plant is done

    • Falls Park as well as many other parks are closed to the public. The following citations will be given if you are in closed park
    • Class 2 misdemeanor for going around a barricade – fine of $122.50
    • Class 2 misdemeanor for being in a closed park – fine of $97.50
  • Mayor Paul TenHaken has declared an Emergency. This allows for mobilization of additional resources/procurement.
  • The City remains operationally ready to respond to flooding if it occurs. We will continue to monitor river levels, snowmelt, and the weather forecast.
  • Pumps are mobilized and standing by at key locations if additional pumping is required
  • Continue to discharge your sump pumps outside and not into your floor drain or sanitary sewer
  • We are anticipating a rise in flows at the wastewater treatment plant again as river levels rise. People should be prepared to limit water usage this weekend if it becomes necessary.
  • Next Update:

    3/22/19 at 11 a.m. You can watch the update live on our Facebook page. 

    Help and Volunteer

    Volunteer: Call 2-1-1 if you want to volunteer to help those affected by the flood.
    Donate: Visit sfacf.org to donate to the Flood Recovery Fund to assist residents impacted by the storm. 


    • Ensure you have a plan for caring for your pets during an emergency or natural disaster. Here are some suggested items and measures you can take to best protect your pet in case of an emergency.

    More Information

    All Residents

    • Use extra caution around moving water.
    • Do NOT walk through standing water
    • DO NOT drive around barricades or through standing water in a street or intersection.