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Environmental Health Specialists inspect and monitor all Sioux Falls food service establishments to protect the public’s safety by establishing sanitary standards and controlling the possibility of food borne illnesses. The following link allows access to health inspection scores. The site includes reports for every restaurant, cafeteria, convenience store, grocery store, or any other retail food establishment within the Sioux Falls city limits.
Health Food Service Inspections
Mold Issues


Mold is a microscopic fungus that feeds on organic matter and moisture to live & reproduce. When it reproduces enough it will become visible like a cottony or fluffy spot. It may be various colors such as gray, green, orange and black.
Day Care

Day Care Provider Inspections

The City of Sioux Falls Health Department welcomes you to the Family Day Care Home Provider Inspection report website.
Video: Helping You Find the Right Daycare
Day Care Providers
Family Daycare Inspections


Each year neighborhoods designated as the N.I.C.E and K.E.E.P. areas, get a helping hand in the form of a cleanup, using City volunteers. Through the implementation of these projects, the City has been able to keep the number of neighborhood nuisance cases static despite a greater than 33% increase in the City’s population since its inception.



The City of Sioux Falls encourages pet owners to have their pets vaccinated. The number of animal rabies in South Dakota rose from 32 cases in 2010 to 40 cases in 2011

Rabies Information
South Dakota 2011 Rabies Surveillance
Rabies Informational Video
2012 Report

2012 Annual Report

City of Sioux Falls Health Department 2012 Annual Report.

2012 Annual Report
The Environmental Health Division promotes and protects the public health of the community, to protect and improve the environmental quality of the area and mitigates adverse health conditions and threats that result from interactions between people and their environment. The division includes areas relating to sanitation/inspection, licensing, and environmental nuisance abatement through code enforcement program, public health preparedness, community programs and vector control.

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It’s Not Too Late to Vaccinate

The flu season is under way across the country, and local health officials report increases in numbers of cases of influenza in West River South Dakota and in our neighboring state…

Posted 12/27/2013 in Health Department

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