Health Top 10 Wins

  1. Lifting Up and Impacting Behavioral Health Needs in the Community: The Health Department formed a behavioral health stakeholder group to identify issues related to awareness and community services for behavioral health services. Falls Community Health increased access to medication-assisted therapy for opioid addiction, expanded behavioral health counseling, and integrated behavioral health and primary care.
  2. Smoke-Free and Tobacco-Free Places: To reduce tobacco use and protect residents and visitors from exposure to secondhand smoke, the Health Department successfully worked with the City Council, other City departments, and community partners to implement an ordinance regulating smoking and tobacco use on City property .
  3. Excellence in Emergency Medical Services: The past year saw successful completion of an audit that validated ambulance contract compliance as well as the superior work of the Emergency Medical System to ensure that compliance.
  4. Emergency Preparedness Planning: The Health Department worked within Falls Community Health and with healthcare providers across the community to comply with the new, extensive Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services rules for emergency preparedness.
  5. Patient-Centered Medical Home Level 3 Recognition – Again!: For the second time, Falls Community Health received the highest level of Patient-Centered Medical Home certification from the National Committee for Quality Assurance. This recognition demonstrates the clinic’s commitment to high-quality, patient-centered care.
  6. Project N.I.C.E./K.E.E.P.: City employee volunteers removed more than 1,260 tons of unwanted debris from three neighborhoods—the highest amount ever—moving two-thirds of a ton of debris PER MINUTE for six days.
  7. STD Prevention Efforts: With the growing concern over sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) in the community, Falls Community Health introduced the “Protect Your Parts 2.0” awareness campaign, which led to an increase in the number of walk-in patients for our STD clinics.
  8. Increased Access to Falls Community Health Services: Falls Community Health has increased access to services through continued efficiency efforts, such as the “no show” protocols that resulted in a decrease of unused appointment times. The clinic also expanded dental services at the school-based clinics, including the new Hawthorne Dental Clinic, and implemented a dental sealant pilot project at Terry Redlin.
  9. Enhancing Employee Well-Being: The Health Department introduced new communication tools to ensure the department is supporting employee well-being. A new “Solution Box” was placed in the employee entrance hallway, and it is actively used by employees who are sharing ideas to make the department the best it can be.
  10. Eat Well With Live Well Sioux Falls: The Eat Well, Live Well initiative works to enhance awareness of, and access to, healthy foods through grocery store tours, healthy recipe partnerships with local chefs, partnership with a dietitian available at Falls Community Health, and initiatives within Hayward Thrive.