Health Top 10 Wins

  1. Falls Community Health Continues to Provide High Quality Services
    Falls Community Health received a quality improvement grant of more than $39,000 because of our status as a Patient Centered Medical Home and quality improvement efforts. In addition, our dental team was one of five teams nationally that developed and piloted a dental quality dashboard that will pave the way for dental quality measurement and improvement across health centers. Lastly, Rick Pudwill, Public Health Laboratory Manager, received the Clinical Laboratory Management Association’s 2016 Leadership Award for his role in the laboratory services community and delivery of high quality laboratory services.
  2. Increased Access to Dental Care
    Through the hiring of a fourth dental team including dentist, hygienist, and two assistants, Falls Community Health created a dental home in the Hayward neighborhood. School children, teachers, and community members are able to seek services at the Falls Community Health Hayward Elementary school-based site. This expansion brings needed and accessible dental care right into the heart of this vibrant neighborhood.
  3. Hayward THRIVE Launch
    Hayward THRIVE is a project supported by a Wellmark Foundation grant in collaboration with Avera, Sanford, and a diverse group of community partners. The project focuses on the Hayward Elementary neighborhood and working with residents to develop programs and resources to support a healthy community. The primary desired results are: 1) Empower residents to improve health; 2) Provide links to community resources to achieve and sustain good health; and 3) Encourage neighborhood engagement.
  4. EMS Multidisciplinary Performance Improvement Process
    Representatives from the Health Department, the Sioux Falls Regional Emergency Medical Services Authority (REMSA), Sioux Falls Police Department, Sioux Falls Fire Rescue, Metro Communications, and Paramedics Plus partnered to conduct a pilot project. The goal of this multidisciplinary project was to implement a quality improvement process that would optimize the use of emergency medical service resources in our community. The pilot program was successful in all identified objectives.
  5. Medication Voucher Program
    With the help of Dr. Gene Burrish, Lewis Drug, and the Sioux Falls Area Community Foundation, a medication voucher program was created to help our most vulnerable patients receive the medications they need. Even with various assistance and discount medication programs, from time to time patients are not able to obtain or afford their medications. This program is designed to help provide short-term medication assistance for those most in need.
  6. Completion of Collaborative Community Health Needs Assessment for Sioux Falls
    In collaboration with Avera McKennan Hospital & University Health Center, Avera Heart Hospital of South Dakota, and Sanford USD Medical Center, Sioux Falls completed our most comprehensive and collaborative communitywide community health needs assessment in 2016. The report includes input from area residents and stakeholders regarding the health status of our community. The report also presents strategies to positively impact our environment and mobilize community action to support healthy people and healthy communities.
  7. Food Handler Training Program
    Recognizing a gap in local food handler training, Health Department staff members sought and developed a plan to provide basic safety training to food service workers. This program offers free and accessible food handling training that can positively impact food safety and decrease foodborne illness in our community.
  8. Creating Tobacco-Free Places
    Together with Parks and Recreation and many community partners, the Sioux Falls Health Department took the first steps to create additional tobacco-free places in the community. The project team proposed an ordinance to the City Council to eliminate tobacco use on City property. While the Council amended the original language to focus on tobacco use during youth activities, this provides a foundation for further work to create tobacco-free environments, encourage people to quit using tobacco, and prevent youth from starting.
  9. Completion of School-Based Services Assessment
    In partnership with the Sioux Falls School District, the Health Department completed an operational and sustainability assessment to create even more strategies to serve school children and improve the overall student health at the schools we serve. Numerous improvement opportunities have been implemented including streamlined documentation requirements, increased communication, and development of a school-based advisory committee that includes both Falls Community Health and school district staff.
  10. Live Well Named State Chronic Disease Partner of the Year
    The South Dakota Department of Health presented the 2016 Chronic Disease Partner of the Year award to Live Well Sioux Falls for “outstanding achievement in chronic disease prevention.” Live Well Sioux Falls was recognized for its proactive approach to community health promotion and prevention and “thinking outside the box” to address issues such as blood pressure awareness, fruit and vegetable consumption, and physical activity.