Human Resources Top 10 Wins

  1. A Healthier Workforce: In 2017, workers’ compensation medical and work loss claims decreased by 40 percent.
  2. Incident Reporting: Human Resources implemented new incident reporting and investigation procedures for supervisors and managers to more appropriately report, assess, and prevent workplace incidents.
  3. Leadership Development: A new four-part leadership development series called “The Pursuit of Greatness” was developed and implemented in collaboration with N2Growth to support ongoing development for current and future leaders.
  4. Temporary and Seasonal Hiring Improvements: Human Resources identified and created new electronic processes and procedures to become more efficient with temporary and seasonal hiring . Human Resources will assume management of temporary and seasonal paperwork processing in 2018.
  5. Police and Fire Rescue Hiring: A new employment testing process resulted in three classes of Police officers and one class of firefighters .
  6. Facility Security and Access: In cooperation with the City’s Information Technology Division, Human Resources implemented a new employee identification badge software system that will provide enhanced security and access protocols.
  7. Substance Abuse Prevention Policy: Human Resources revised and updated the City’s Drug- and Alcohol-Free Workplace Plan. The new plan is called our Substance Abuse Prevention Policy and provides the City with reasonable measures to help ensure the safe and successful operation of City business.
  8. Going Electronic: In 2017, Human Resources completed the transition of all full-time and temporary employees to time entry via ESS and finalized the scanning of more than 80,000 documents in our conversion to electronic record keeping for the personnel and pension files.
  9. Leonardo’s Café: This year, the department helped facilitate the opening of Leonardo’s Café inside City Hall in April.
  10. Training: Human Resources provided reasonable suspicion drug and alcohol training to nearly 300 leaders, managers, and supervisors to help them better understand how and when to confront and take action to address these important issues.