Sanitary Landfill


Landfill Hours

The current hours of operation are:

Monday-Saturday: 7:30 a.m. - 5 p.m.
Sundays:  Closed

All loads to the Sanitary Landfill must be tarped! An additional $25 fee will be charged for loads arriving that are not properly tarped or secured.


Regional Recycling Campaign

The City of Sioux Falls recently launched a region wide campaign to standardize recycling education throughout the community. The goal of the campaign is to encourage community members to recycle properly in order to combat the amount of contamination we see in the single stream. Click the link below to learn what can and cannot be recycled in the single stream.

Disposal Guide List
Med. Waste

Medical Waste Disposal

Improperly disposed of needles, pharmaceuticals and thermometers can pose serious health hazards to the public, garbage haulers, recyclers, and City landfill and wastewater employees.

Use the links below to find out how to properly dispose of your items.
Mercury Thermometer Exchange

Year-Round Electronic Recycling Drop Off

This is a year-round program and residents are welcome to recycle electronics at the House Hold Hazardous Waste Facility during normal hours of operation: 

T-F: 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.
S: 8 a.m. to 12 noon.
1015 East Chambers Street
Sioux Falls, SD 57104

Electronics Recycling Services
Mattress Recycling

Mattress Recycling

Mattresses take up valuable space in the landfill and do not compact well. Mattresses are sent to a local recycler in Sioux Falls for recycling. They will be recycled and used in various new products.

To offset the recycling charge the Sioux Falls Regional Landfill now charges for each mattress and box spring brought to the landfill at $9.00 each. 


The Landfill's mission is to provide environmentally and fiscally sound solid waste management and disposal services to our customers.

The City of Sioux Falls Public Works Landfill Division operates and manages the Sioux Falls Regional Sanitary Landfill.

The Sioux Falls Regional Sanitary Landfill (SFRSL) is the largest landfill in the state of South Dakota and is operated under the South Dakota Department of Environment and Natural Resources.

News Releases

—Board Vacancies—Solid Waste Planning Board

Mayor Mike Huether has announced two vacancies to the Solid Waste Planning Board (SWPB). One member must be a representative of the South Dakota Multi-Housing …

Posted 12/18/2015 in Sanitary Landfill

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Mission Statement

To provide environmentally and fiscally sound solid waste management and disposal services to its customers. The Sioux Falls Regional Sanitary Landfill is committed to maintaining and operating a solid waste management facility in accordance with established local, state, and federal laws, rules, and regulations. It provides disposal service to a five-county region including Sioux Falls. Further, the Landfill Division will partner with the sustainability program to continually strive to create a sustainable community.

Division Summary

The Sioux Falls Regional Sanitary Landfill (SFRSL) is the largest landfill in the state of South Dakota and is operated under permits issued by the South Dakota Department of Environment and Natural Resources.

The SFRSL began operations in 1979. It is located approximately 5 miles west of the city of Sioux Falls, at the intersection of 267th Street and 464th Avenue.

The SFRSL has a service area covering five counties: Lake, Lincoln, McCook, Minnehaha, and Turner. Approximately 260,000 citizens utilize the services provided by the SFRSL. Currently, the SFRSL accepts approximately 570 tons per day of municipal solid waste (MSW) and approximately 275 tons per day of construction and demolition debris (C&D).

The SFRSL has a total permitted area of 709 acres. There are several disposal areas located at the SFRSL for various waste products and landfill staff makes an effort to reclaim and recycle materials where appropriate. These areas include an MSW disposal site, C&D disposal site, a composting operation area, an asbestos disposal area, and a wood/tree/brush pile area. The landfill has moved MSW disposal to a 160-acre lined expansion site.  The landfill also has a separate deer carcass disposal area. Other surrounding SFRSL property is utilized for storm water management and buffer area.

The SFRSL funds a Household Hazardous Waste (HHW) facility where it collects hazardous items from residents that could cause problems if disposed in the landfill.  The HHW facility also collects electronics from residents on a full-time basis.  HHW and electronics items are reused or recycled and are diverted from the landfill.

The SFRSL actively collects and beneficially reuses landfill gas (LFG). An LFG pipeline began operations in 2009. This pipeline transports LFG to POET Biorefining in Chancellor, approximately 11 miles away, where it is used as an energy source.

In 2009, the Sustainability Program was initiated and oversees the City’s Leading Green efforts. The mission of the Sustainability Program is to serve as a guiding program that creates a more sustainable community now and in the future by proposing and assisting with the implementation of measurable solutions to environmental, social, and economic concerns.

The Mayor’s Solid Waste Planning Board (SWPB), which is comprised of representatives from all five counties, industry, citizens, and City staff, reviews the current waste stream of the users, investigates how the waste stream may vary in the future, and analyzes how current and future recycling efforts may impact the waste stream. It also assesses market and operating conditions and other related issues as needed. The SWPB may develop plans associated with solid waste related issues, assess current ordinances, and recommend future ordinances for consideration. The SWPB makes ongoing reports to the Mayor of its findings and recommendations.

MSW: In 2015, the SFRSL disposed of over 143,228 tons of MSW(does not include industrial waste). Based on 2015 tonnage and population estimates, our five-county region on average disposed around 3 pounds per person per day of MSW.

Public C&D: In 2015, the SFRSL disposed of 66,000 tons of public C&D.

City C&D: In 2015, the SFRSL disposed of 20,554 tons of city C&D. Other departments within the City of Sioux Falls also benefit from the SFRSL. The SFRSL provides free disposal for other City departments for certain wastes.

Free Landfill Pass: In 2015, the Free Pass Program for Sioux Falls home owners ran from April through August. The total number of vehicles allowed into the SFRSL for no charge was over 13,170.

Leaf & Branch Drop-off Sites: For almost two months every fall, the SFRSL establishes two sites in the city of Sioux Falls for residents to drop off their leaves & branches for a small fee. One of these sites is located near the W.H. Lyon Fairgrounds on Lyon Boulevard, and the other is located on the west side of the Household Hazardous Waste Facility at 1015 East Chambers Street.