Siouxland Libraries Meeting Room Policy

The intent of this policy is to make the Siouxland Libraries limited meeting room space available on as widespread and equitable basis as is possible for educational and informational community meetings and for programs conducted (on a nonprofit basis) by businesses for educational or product presentation purposes.

First priority will be given to library-produced or sponsored programs. The library may revoke permission to use a meeting room if the room is needed for library or City purposes. Organizations will be given advance notice of the library's intent to revoke permission.

Permission to use the library meeting room does not constitute library endorsement of the group or the views espoused by the group. Groups using the meeting room should clearly indicate in their advertisements and news releases who is sponsoring the event.

The library reserves the right to deny use of its facilities when activities infringe upon or interfere with regular use of the library. No activities are allowed that endanger the health or safety of the participants.

The library reserves the right to limit the frequency of use of the meeting room by any one group, to best accommodate the many requests for this facility. Reservations for use of the room may be made no more than three months in advance of the meeting date.

Meeting rooms will not be available for fund raising, for promotion of fee-based products or services, for the sale of items on the premises, or when an admission fee is charged.

Meetings are scheduled to be held only during regular hours of library service and staffing. Groups or people conducting the meeting will have access to the facility only during the time period designated. Meetings must be concluded so that all participants exit the library no later than the normal closing time of the library on that day. Allow time needed for setup, clean up, and related support services when scheduling the rooms. Noncompliance will result in forfeiture of future meeting room use privileges.

Alcohol and smoking are not permitted. Food and other beverages may be served. Groups are responsible for clean up and will be billed for any special cleaning that is necessary.

Group members are responsible for the supervision of their children while using the room.