Siouxland Libraries Top 10 Wins

  1. Brand-New Caille Branch Library
    A $1 million renovation of the Caille Branch Library created a new, more open environment throughout. It features a new area for teens, small-group study rooms, and interactive elements in the children’s area that promote learning. Public reaction to the vibrant colors throughout the building has been “Wow!”
  2. Circulation Increase
    Customers checked out 2,345,779 items in 2016. That’s an increase of more than 15 percent compared to 2015. This breaks the record for the most items ever borrowed from Siouxland Libraries.
  3. Programs, Programs, Programs!
    Siouxland Libraries added more programs based on customer interests. New programs included teaming up with Downtown Sioux Falls’ First Friday initiative with activities each month such as an outdoor summer block party and concert and an Adult Spelling Bee at Lucky’s. Other special events included participation in Navy Week, the series Latino Americans: 500 Years of History and a Cinco de Mayo fiesta, made possible by a grant from the American Library Association, and a Norwegian language class that filled to capacity.
  4. No Action Needed Renewals
    Customers love it! Books and movies borrowed from Siouxland Libraries are now automatically renewed (unless other requests are pending). This feature is designed to save the time of the customer and save customers from being fined for forgetting to renew.
  5. Easy Access Information
    Across Siouxland Libraries is a one-stop listing (paper and online) of monthly programs organized by interest group (Pre-K, K-5, Families, Teens and Lit4Life). If customers can’t attend a program at one branch, they can find other options. The listing provides an easy way for customers to find out all that is being offered.
  6. Expanded Service at Rural Branches
    Siouxland Libraries’ rural branches have added more open hours and more programs. Regular rotations of the library collections of books and movies ensure there’s always something new on the shelves for customers.
  7. Living Library With Compassionate Sioux Falls
    Don’t judge a book by its cover. That’s the message behind Compassionate Sioux Falls’ Living Library partnership with Siouxland Libraries. Like a traditional library, the series offers a range of titles and topics―but the “books” are people and a 15-minute conversation takes the place of reading. The Living Library is an effort to challenge stereotypes and prejudices by creating understanding. Three “Visit a Living Library” events were held in 2016.
  8. Food for All
    In 2016, 18,778 snacks were fed to children at the Oak View Branch. Started as a pilot program in 2015, Food for All is a partnership between Feeding South Dakota and Siouxland Libraries. Many days nearly a hundred children are at the library waiting for parents to pick them up after work. The snack helps the children focus on homework and library activities instead of their hunger.
  9. Fire Station Library
    There’s a new Little Free Library in town created through a partnership between Sioux Falls Fire Rescue and Siouxland Libraries. Firefighters built and maintain the structure behind Sioux Falls Fire Rescue Headquarters at Fire Station No. 3 (2820 South Minnesota Avenue). Siouxland Libraries provides the books.
  10. “Best Book Ever” YouTube Feature
    “In a world overwhelmed by information, one man will battle technology in his quest for answers. This summer, with the help of a librarian, he’ll find a way to connect . . . .” The parody video highlighted the scope of Siouxland Libraries’ customer service. Created by staff and teens, it was a hit with YouTube viewers.