Heavy Rains and Flooding: Use Caution While Driving, Check Your Sump Pumps

Due to the heavy rains today, here are important reminders from the City of Sioux Falls:

• Flash flooding can occur anywhere, so please use caution when driving.

• Do not drive into flooded intersections. There may be debris on the road or under the water that a driver cannot see, and even a small amount of moving water can carry a vehicle off the road. Driving through flooded areas can cause extensive damage to your car and could be a danger to anyone inside the car. To report a flooded intersection, please call 605-367-8255.

• Watch for manhole covers that may be missing from roadways. When the storm drainage system becomes pressurized because of high flows, some manhole covers may move or lift off. To report a missing manhole cover, call the Public Works Street Division at 605-367-8198.

• Ensure sump pumps are draining outside your home. Improperly discharging sump pumps into the sanitary sewer system can result in sewage backups into homes. It is illegal to attach sump pumps to floor drains or otherwise connect them to the City’s sanitary sewer system. Sumps pumps should be discharged into yards or streets. To report a sewer backup, call the Public Works Water Reclamation Division at 367-8198.

City crews are monitoring low-lying streets, drainage areas, and other areas prone to flooding and will continue to access the situation throughout the weather event.