Fire Code Inspections Reach 100 Percent Compliance Rate in 2017

Each year Sioux Falls Fire Rescue conducts more than 4,000 fire code inspections in businesses across the city. This inspection program covers a broad spectrum of businesses: from bars and restaurants to retail stores and auto repair shops. The ultimate goal of this program is to ensure minimum life safety requirements are maintained by all businesses.

This year all inspections were completed through a new software program that automated the inspection process. If fire code violations were discovered during the inspections, notices of violation were sent to business owners with a 90-day correction period. The process also includes a citation for noncompliance if violations remain uncorrected after the 90-day period.

In 2017, the City’s fire code compliance rate was 100 percent. All violations have been corrected within the 90-day timeframe required.

Fire Marshal Dean Lanier explains, “Sioux Falls Fire Rescue places a very high priority on ensuring life safety requirements within each structure in our community. Maintaining the critical fire and life safety elements in each building and business helps keep Sioux Falls a safe place to work, live, and play.”

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