Get a Text Instead of a Ticket! Subscribe to Text Alerts to Stay Up-to-Date About Snow Removal

Be prepared for parking restrictions when snow alerts are declared. The City of Sioux Falls offers a text alert service to notify residents of snow alerts. To subscribe send a text with the word SNOW to 605-413-1990, or go to to subscribe to text, email, or social media notifications.

“It’s important for residents to stay informed during snowfall events and to have ways to be notified when a snow alert is declared,” says Mark Cotter, Director of Public Works. “Snow removal is so much more effective and efficient when citizens are aware of parking restrictions and remove their cars from the streets.”

If you park on an emergency snow route, be especially aware of weather conditions. After two inches of snow has fallen (day or night, without or without a snow alert being declared), all vehicles parked on emergency snow routes are subject to ticketing and towing at the owner’s expense. A snow alert is declared if the City plans to plow all streets. At that time, parking restrictions go into effect across the city, and vehicles parked on all streets are subject to ticketing and towing.

To subscribe to snow alert notifications or for more information about snow removal, go to The website includes a snow zones map, information about snow alert regulations, tips on how to stay safe this winter, and much more.