Mayor Mike Huether’s 2018 Recommended Budget Is a Reality Check and Focuses on Fundamental Priorities

Mayor Mike Huether submitted a proposed 2018 budget of $457 million to the City Council today.

“Spending cuts and budget reductions are the new norm, and revenue assumptions are not improving. This budget is a reality check and emphasizes the priorities expressed by our citizens—public safety and road repair in particular,” says Mayor Huether. “However, past wins such as pension reform and an Events Center operating in the black are easing the pain.”

The general operating expenditures of $161.5 million are up only 1.6 percent to 2017, driven by the addition of four new police officers, two budget-neutral positions in the Health Department, increasing health insurance premiums, and a 1.5 percent cost of living increase for City employees.

The total budget includes the capital program, submitted to the City Council last month, which proposes to invest $108 million in 2018 into streets and utilities infrastructure, the Levitt Shell, and other projects and equipment. More than $45 million was cut from the capital program due to slowing sales tax growth.

“This budget provides exceptional service to our community, yet with increasingly limited resources,” says Tracy Turbak, Director of Finance. “Our committed and hard-working City employees continue to create efficiencies and become more productive, doing more with less.”

The entire 2018 recommended budget is available at