Recent Rains Contribute to Mosquito Activity: City Continues Spraying

Rainfall over the past weeks has caused an increase in the amount of mosquito activity across the city. The City of Sioux Falls continues to combat the bugs with regular spraying.

“The mosquitoes we are seeing are primarily nuisance mosquitoes and are very poor carriers of West Nile Virus,” says Denise Patton, Vector Control Program Coordinator with the City of Sioux Falls Health Department. “They typically emerge in large numbers after heavy rains.”

While the City continues to treat water areas, the bike path, and park areas, people can take additional steps to protect themselves from mosquito bites.

“Continue to be vigilant about applying DEET or other approved insect repellents to exposed skin,” says Patton. “Although we are in the final weeks of summer, West Nile is still a risk in our area. With many evening activities occurring, we encourage you to take personal precautions that include wearing lightweight, long-sleeved shirts and pants if you will be outdoors at dusk and dawn.”

It is also important that water sources on personal property be removed if possible. Property owners should check places like children’s swimming pools, toys, buckets, tires, and other items to ensure they do not hold standing water, as these areas provide perfect breeding grounds for mosquitoes. People are encouraged to use home mosquito control products to complement the City’s treatment efforts in public areas.

The Sioux Falls Vector Control Program monitors mosquito activity across the community through trapping and surveillance data, and responds when thresholds have been met. This surveillance and treatment program is modeled in line with Centers for Disease Control and Prevention standards.

People can expect park area and bike path spraying to occur in the morning hours. Additionally, the City will be conducting targeted sprays across the city as the weather allows. The City also will continue to issue news releases prior to targeted sprays. Please visit for additional information about the Vector Control Program.


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