SIOUXPERHEROES to Receive Recognition on Tuesday


Five individuals will be recognized as the first citizens to receive the newly launched SIOUXPERHERO Citizen Recognition Award.

When:  Tuesday, March 6, 2018
7 p.m. (at the start of the City Council Meeting)

Council Chambers
Carnegie Town Hall
235 West Tenth Street

Who:   Laurie Fluit
Angela DeClerk
Clair Halverson
Jayme Nelson
Tessica Severson
Why:   Earlier this month, the City Council approved a resolution establishing the SIOUXPERHERO Citizen Recognition Program to emphasize positive stories, people, and developments in Sioux Falls. Last week, the City Council approved five individuals to receive the award.
Visuals: The award winners will each be presented a certificate recognizing them for their overall positive achievement, impact, and contribution to the community.

If an ADA accommodation is needed, please contact the Human Relations Office at 605-367-8745 or

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