Mosquito Control Spraying for the Sioux Falls Region

The Sioux Falls Health Department’s 2018 mosquito control efforts are underway and routine bike path sprays will begin next week. Conditions required for successful treatment efforts include low winds, temperatures above 55 degrees, and no rain. The Sioux Falls Mosquito Control Program plans to spray portions of the bike path, as able, one to two times a week, between the hours of 4 and 8 a.m. throughout the summer season to control nuisance and disease-spreading mosquitoes along this highly trafficked path.

If weather conditions permit, the Sioux Falls Health Department will be conducting spraying efforts for mosquitoes in targeted areas of Sioux Falls this evening. A map on the City’s website outlines targeted zone(s) where spraying will occur. Sioux Falls Zones 9, 10, and 14 are scheduled for spraying this evening between 8 p.m. and 1 a.m. This targeted spray effort is being conducted in response to increased numbers of mosquito populations. The Sioux Falls Mosquito Control Program follows a phased-response guideline created by the CDC that is used to determine when spray events and other treatments are needed.

The City will be using the product Permanone 30-30 for spray treatments. Products used by the City are designed to break down in the environment quickly and are used at very low concentrations. Permanone 30-30 is a product approved for use by the EPA in residential areas for adult mosquito control.

In addition to spray efforts, the Mosquito Control staff has been actively surveying the city for habitats likely to support the breeding of mosquitoes. These efforts will continue to guide treatments and allow us to track areas of high risk.

As we progress into warmer summer months, please remember to protect yourself and your family from the risks of mosquito-borne diseases by taking steps to control stagnant water on your personal property. Simple measures such as emptying small containers—including flowerpots and pet dishes around your property and maintaining outdoor water features will minimize mosquito populations. We urge people to use common sense when participating in outdoor activities by wearing insect repellent and appropriate clothing.

As progress is made toward completing the spraying process, updates will be placed on the City’s website. To view the spray map, or for additional information such as which zone you live in, visit People wanting to report local concerns on mosquitoes or standing water should leave this information on the automated Mosquito Reporting Hotline at 605-367-8799.

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