Project T.R.I.M.


Project T.R.I.M (Tree Raising Improvement Methods)Project T.R.I.M is a pro-active tree inspection program to address low hanging tree branches over streets and sidewalks. Each year the City of Sioux Falls receives complaints regarding property damage, personal injury, and general nuisance from low hanging branches.. This is a concern for safety and this program is designed to improve the safety of our streets and sidewalks.

Project T.R.I.M. is structured as a five-year cyclic street tree trimming program. In an effort to keep streets and sidewalks safe, the City of Sioux Falls Forestry Division inspects trees for low-hanging branches. The inspectors will determine if trimming is needed and the property owner will be notified. This is accomplished by dividing the city into five districts with one district being surveyed each year. A district is divided into three sections with each section being surveyed at a specific time during the year, ( February, June and September.) Please refer to the map to see when we will be in your neighborhood.