Sports Associations

This list is provided as informational reference only and may not be current. The City of Sioux Falls does not express or imply any endorsement of the associations listed here. If you are aware of any errors or omissions in this list please contact us so that we may correct the problem.

Amateur Baseball   310-0152  
Sioux Empire Baseball Association   336-3462  
Sioux Falls Canaries   333-0179 
Court and Course   
Big Sioux Disc Golf Club   553-3298  
Horseshoe Throwers   332-5622 
Pickleball (indoor)  215-8717, 367-8222 
Pickleball (outdoor)  215-8717  
Sioux Falls Tennis Association   338-4036
Ultimate Frisbee   319-481-8514
Field and Goals   
Dakota Alliance Soccer Club  332-5911  
Sioux Falls Lacrosse  759-5659  
Sioux Falls Coed Adult Soccer   321-9706  
Sioux Falls “Crow” Rugby  916-622-5336  
South Dakota Junior Football Inc.  334-3140  
Youth Flag Football  335-7555 
Hockey and Ice  
Sioux Falls Figure Skating Club  271-8897  
Stampede Hockey   336-6060  
Sioux Falls Youth Hockey Association  361-9836  
Adult Coed Softball  929-6942 
Adult Coed Church League  521-8193 
Men’s Church League  838-8073  
Men’s Fast-Pitch Softball Association  366-3628  
Men’s Slow-Pitch Softball Association  929-7859  
Men’s Slow-Pitch rain-out number  906-1232  
Sioux Empire Fast-Pitch Softball  728-1040  
South Dakota High School Softball  310-6049  
Sunday Funday Adult Recreational Softball  521-5829  
Women’s Slow-Pitch  201-9704  
Youth Slow-Pitch Association  336-3396  
Sioux Falls Swim Team   988-4170 
Other Organizations   
Fellowship of Christian Athletes  335-7555
Great Bear Recreation Park  367-4309 
Mary Jo Wegner Arboretum  367-4414  
Midwest Wrestling Association  940-5867  
Minnehaha Archers  331-2987  
Sertoma Butterfly House  334-9466  
Sioux Falls People for Youth  338-5833 
S.D. Game, Fish and Parks  362-2700  
The Outdoor Campus  362-2777