Senior Games

Track and field, golf, bowling, basketball, and many more activities designed just for seniors will be available at the Annual Senior Games.

Local competition leads to state and national games. The games also have groups for ages 40–44 and 45–50.

Sioux Falls Will Host the South Dakota State Senior Games

The South Dakota State Senior Games will take place in Sioux Falls, September 7–10, 2017. This event draws 600 people from all over the state to Sioux Falls. The athletes, between the ages of 50–90 years old, will compete to qualify for the National Senior Games in 2018.

There are more than 25 competitive events including basketball, softball, volleyball, pickleball, tennis, track and field, and many more.

The Senior Games is an inspirational event that requires a large number of volunteers to be successful. If you would like to volunteer for this great event, please call Howard Bich, president of the South Dakota Senior Games, at 605.275.6891 or by email at