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Top 10 Wins of 2013

Planning and Building Services accomplished many things on behalf of the people of Sioux Falls in 2013. These are the achievements we consider to be the top wins of the past year.

Planning and Building Services Top 10 Wins of 2013
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Shape Places

Shape Places

A Sioux Falls Zoning Ordinance

“Shape Places” is a context-based zoning ordinance and major update of the current Zoning Ordinance that was last updated in 1983.

Shape Places - Zoning Ordinance
Shape S.F.

Shape Sioux Falls 2035

Why Shape Sioux Falls 2035? A Comprehensive Plan
  • A comprehensive plan develops policies that will help guide future ordinances, budgets, and master plans.
  • Last Comprehensive Plan had a horizon for 2015 (that is in 5 ½ years)
  • A comprehensive plan guides future land development.

Shape Sioux Falls
Sign Codes

Sign Codes and Design Review Districts

Need information on outdoor or advertising signs? The links below will give you the information you need to know before you put up your signs...
Sign Code Book
Design Review Districts Sign Regulations
Temporary Sign Permits


Contribute towards shaping Sioux Falls as a community of choice that is guided by innovative plans and policies, and land use requirements which are clearly defined and reasonable. Facilitate minimum life safety standards for building projects through a customer-service focused plan review, permitting and inspection function.


The Planning and Building Services Department is responsible for managing the orderly development of Sioux Falls and overseeing the protection of property along with ensuring public safety in building construction and maintenance.

News Releases

Shape Places Endorsed by Citizens

On Tuesday, April 8, 2014, The Shape Places Zoning Ordinance earned 65 percent support. On Tuesday, April 15, City Council canvased the election results…

Posted 04/16/2014 in Planning & Building Services

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