2013 Building Construction Statistics - City of Sioux Falls

Permits Issued

A new record was set for the number of building permits that were issued within the City of Sioux Falls in 2013. There were 7,953 building permits issued in 2013 . Building permits issued in 2013 were up 3.5% compared to 2012 which was 7,633 permits issued; and also exceeded the previous record number of building permits issued in 2011 by 1%, which was 7,823 permits.

Residential repairs and renovations continue to drive the total number of permits issued. The number of permits issued for residential additions, repairs, and remodels (not including new residential buildings or new or renovated commercial projects) in 2013 totaled 5,911permits or 74% of the total number of building permits issued. This compares to 5,764 issued permits at 76% of the building permits issued in 2012; and 6,342 permits issued at 81% in 2011, the previous year that held the record for total permits issued. The category that typically has the highest volume of permits issued, residential resides and reshingles, was at 2,122 permits issued in 2013, up slightly from 2,032 permits issued in 2012, but less than the 2,695 residential resides and reshingles issued in 2011.

Total Building Permits Issued, 2001 to 2013


Total Construction Valuation.

Total construction valuation is defined as the quoted or calculated construction valuation for all commercial and residential new buildings, additions, repairs, remodels, and renovations built within the city of Sioux Falls. The total construction valuation, which totaled $588,248,861, was a record for 2013, and was a 20% increase compared to 2012 which was $490,515,243, and approximately twice the amount of increase in construction valuation as compared to each of the previous three recession years between 2009 and 2011. The construction valuation in 2013 exceeded the previous record of $523,125,775 in 2007.

Total Construction Valuation, 2001 to 2013


Residential Single Family Dwellings

There were 731 new single family dwellings permitted in 2013, an increase of approximately 16% as compared to the 628 single family dwellings issued in 2012, and again twice the number of new single family dwellings issued in 2009 and issued in 2010.
The number of single family dwellings continues to increase as compared to the previous 5 years from 2008 to 2012, but the number of dwellings issued in 2013 approximates three-fourths of the yearly level of activity which occurred between 2000 and 2007 which were the most robust years for the homebuilding industry in the city of Sioux Falls. 

Single-Family Dwelling Units, 2001 to 2013 



Townhouse construction increased again and set a record for the amount of units issued in 2013. Townhouse units permitted in 2013 was 292 units, an increase of 40 more units or a 16% increase as compared to 2012, and additionally exceeds the previous record of 262 units issued in 2003. The number of townhouse units remains significantly higher than the average number of 150 units issued between 2004 and 2010. 

Town House Units, 2001 to 2013




Multifamily housing, which includes nontransient housing such as apartments and independent living centers, congregate living facilities, etc., increased approximately twofold from 485 multifamily units issued in 2012 to 1,016 multifamily units issued in 2013. The 1,016 units issued in 2013 is the second highest number of multifamily units issued, compared to the 1,086 units issued in 1977, but beat out the third highest number issued in 1976 which was 1,015 units.


Multiple Family Dwellings, 2001 to 2013


The following lists the largest apartment projects issued in 2013:

Project Name Address Builder Number of Units
University Hills 4609 N Graduate Ave Jarrod Smart Const. 122 units
Northridge Properties 2601 N Career Ave Jans Corporation 96 units
Phillips Avenue Lofts 601 N Phillips Ave Lloyd Companies 86 units
Willow Creek 912 S Willow Creek Pl Beckman Construction 58 units
Dakota Lofts 115 N Dakota Ave Gil Haugan Construction 40 units
Chasing Willows 4800-4900 E 54th St Costello Companies 62 units
Sioux Falls Ministry 822 N Minnesota Ave Lloyd Companies 31 units
Foxmoor 4 4901 W Equestrian Pl Samuelson Construction 31 units
Sunrise Apartments 4500 E 53rd St G & D Harr Construction 24 units
Brooks Crossing 4720-4750 E 54th St Paradigm Construction 104 units
Killarney Crossing 4301-4411 W 58th St Lloyd Companies 102 units
Cumberland North 3700-3720 N 4th Ave Lloyd Companies 28 units
South Harmony Apts. 7444-7460 S Homan Pl Signature Companies 70 units
Whispering Woods 4901-5101 S Graystone Ave    Signature Companies 111 units
Farley-Leotscher Apts. 322-324 W 8th St Swift Contractors 18 units
Sioux Falls Housing 1521 E 5th St Ron Anderson Construction 5 units
Eastern Hill Properties        4201-4311 S Banyan Ave O’Connor Construction 8 units
Dullerud Properties 4509-4513 E 53rd St Cedar Ridge Construction      8 units

The total number of dwelling units permitted in 2013 was 2,039 units, a 49% increase compared to the 1,369 number of dwelling units issued in 2012 and approximately 146% increase compared to the 827 units issued in 2011. The cumulative number of all dwelling units consisting of single family, townhouses, duplexes, nontransient apartments including independent and assisted living facilities did set a record in 2013, as compared to the 1,909 dwelling units issued in 2001 and 1,825 dwelling units issued in 2000.

Transient Residential-Hotels

Five separate projects of new hotel construction provided 446 new transient residential hotel rooms in 2013. The following hotel projects exceeded $30 million in new construction valuation. 


Project Name Address Builder Valuation
Hilton Garden Inn 201 E 8th St Lloyd Companies $11,500,000
Laquinta Inn and Suites      4521 W 41st St Gateway Hospitality $5,990,200
Home 2 Suites 1120 S Grange Ave TMI Hospitality $4,800,000
Comfort Inn and Suites 3721 W Avera Dr Northridge Construction        $4,800,000
My Place Hotel 3005 S Carolyn Ave       Legacy Builders $3,100,000



The number of building permits increased slightly and construction valuation decreased slightly for new commercial buildings in 2013 compared to 2012. There were 53 building permits issued in 2013 compared to 47 building permits issued for new commercial structures in 2012. The construction valuation for new commercial buildings was $157.6 million in 2013 compared to $165.5 million in 2012.
The number of permits issued for commercial renovations and remodels increased slightly in 2013. In 2012 there were 906 permits issued, compared to 920 permits issued in 2013 for commercial additions, renovations, and repairs. The construction valuation for commercial additions, renovations, and remodels increased 28% in 2013. The valuation in 2013 was $ 138.5 million compared to $108.2 million in 2012.
The number of large commercial projects permitted in 2013 continued to exceed the previous year. In 2012 there were 103 separate commercial and multifamily residential projects with valuations that exceeded $500,000; and of those there were 55 projects that exceeded $1,000,000 of valuation. In 2013 there were 126 permits issued in excess of a $500,000 valuation, and of those, there were 85 permits that exceeded $1,000,000 in construction valuation.



2013 saw a large number of major projects relating to new and renovated retail facilities. The following are retail projects which were submitted and permitted in 2013: 

Project Name Address Builder Valuation
Scheels Addition and Remodel 2101 W 41st St Sampson Construction $18,000,000
Walmart 5200 W 60th St N Henry Carlson Construction       $14,757,727
Sioux Empire Mall Updates 4001 W 41st St Sioux Empire Mall $12,954,336
Dicks Sporting Goods 4001 W 41st St VCC Construction $4,800,000
Various Empire Suite Renovations      4001 W 41st Street Various Contractors $2,954,336
Empire East Remodel 3800 S Louise Ave THMS Grace $1,530,000
Costco 3500 S Grange Ave Ferguson Construction $11,896,219
Ashley Furniture 801 S Highline Ave Lloyd Companies $2,750,000
Strip Mall 500-506 S Foss Ave       Batis and Pinnacle Const. $1,585,000
Ace Hardware Addition 330 W 41st St Sunkota Construction $1,400,000
Strip Mall 4201-11 W 41st St Shingabee Builders $1,393,490
Holiday Gas Stop 6509 S Louise Ave Fiegen Construction $1,250,000
Strip Mall 901 S Highline Pl Lloyd Companies $1,115,000
Freedom Gas Station 2601 W 12th St Sunkota Construction $1,100,000
Autozone 2230 W 41st St Van Tassell Proctor $1,064,000



The largest construction valuation in 2013 can be attributed a partial permit issuance for the Events Center, for a continuation of the work that was previously permitted in 2012. The following are projects issued that related to entertainment, recreation, or assembly occupancies including restaurants:


Project Name Address Builder Valuation
Sanford PREMIER Center 1021 W 41st St Mortenson Construction $32,261,971
The District 4521 W Empire Pl Lloyd Companies $4,750,000
YMCA Remodel 220 S Minnesota Ave       Lloyd Companies $3,250,000
Quaker State Restaurant 6401 S Louise Ave Hospitality Builder $2,100,000
Community Reformed Addition        6800 E 41st St Hoogendoorn Construction        $1,700,000
Avera Practice Center 209 W Anchor Ln Sioux Falls Construction $1,500,000
Beef O’Brady’s 4021 W Bobhalla Dr Jamison Construction $1,300,000
All Day Café Remodel 2101 W 41st St Van Laar Construction $1,000,000
Beef O’Brady’s 2210 W 69th St Jamison Construction $560,000



The remaining projects are attributed to new and remodeled office, institutional, and industrial facilities that were permitted in 2013: 


Project Name Address Builder Valuation
Glambia Nutritionals 4401 W 62nd St TE Ibberson Construction $15,364,982
Avera Medical Group Southeast 6215 S Cliff Ave Sioux Falls Construction $8,900,000
Dakota Beverage 4532 N Cliff Ave Fiegen Construction $7,410,000
Midcontinent Office Addition 3901 N Louise Ave Lloyd Companies $6,100,000
Memorial Middle School Addition      1401 S Sertoma Ave Golden Rule Construction $5,772,048
Raven’s Phase 2 Office Remodel 205 E 6th Street Henry Carlson Construction $5,639,000
Raven’s Addition 1101 W Algonquin Ave      Henry Carlson Construction $5,300,000
Eugene Field Addition 501 S Highland Ave Sunkota Construction $4,560,000
Sanford Health Clinic 6101 S Louise Ave Henry Carlson Construction $3,607,000
Sweetman Office 1500 W Sweetman Pl Beck and Hofer Construction   $3,000,000
Conway Freight Truck Terminal 1709 E 63rd St N Empire Builders $2,670,000
Nordica Warehouse Addition 2012 E 34th St N Don Hander $2,100,000
Sweetman Contractor Shop 1305 N Louise Ave Concrete Materials $2,000,000
Avera Cancer Center Remodel 1000 E 23rd St Sioux Falls Construction $1,670,500
Sioux Falls Christian Addition 6120 S Charger Lane Gil Haugan Construction $1,414,000
Financial Planners Office 6216 S Pinnacle Pl Jarrod Smart Construction $1,400,000
Ameripride Warehouse 500-504 E Amidon St Peska Construction $1,260,000
First Dakota Title Addition 600 S Main Ave Jans Corporation $1,200,000
S F Humane Society Addition 3720 E Benson Rd Jans Corporation $1,200,000
Sanford Cath Lab Remodel 1301 W 18th St Henry Carlson Construction $1,000,000


The scope and purpose of the issuance of the above-referenced permits is to maintain minimum requirements to safeguard the public safety, health, and general welfare through the verification of structural strength, means of egress, stability, sanitation, fire resistive construction, fire suppression systems, heating and ventilation, plumbing, and electrical systems in the built environment. In addition to the 7,953 building permits issued, staff completed 158 commercial plan reviews to assure minimum life safety compliance at the design stage. The number of building, plumbing, mechanical, and electrical inspections continued to exceed the previous year’s number of inspections. In 2011 there were 39,733 inspections logged; in 2012, there were 43,054 inspections logged; and in 2013 there were 47,171 separate building, plumbing, mechanical, and electrical inspections completed by the staff of Building Services.