Permit Statistics

2015 Building Construction Statistics - City of Sioux Falls


Permits Issued

There were 12,091 permits issued in 2015, the second-highest number of building permits issued in a year compared to the record amount of 14,945 building permits issued in 2014. The June hail storm of 2014 in Sioux Falls resulted in the issuance of 8,500 building permits for the replacement of roof coverings in 2014 and carried over 5,757 permits in 2015, predominately reshingling of residential properties throughout the city.

Residential repairs and renovations continue to drive the total number of permits issued. The number of permits issued for residential additions, repairs, and remodels (not including new residential buildings or new or renovated commercial projects) in 2015 totaled 9,677 permits—or 80 percent of the total number of building permits issued. For comparison, 85 percent of the total permits issued in 2014, and 74 percent of the total number of permits issued in 2013 were for residential remodels, additions, renovations, and repairs.

Total Building Permits Issued, 2003 to 2015



Total Construction Valuation.

Total construction valuation is defined as the quoted or calculated construction valuation for all commercial and residential new buildings, additions, repairs, remodels, and renovations built within the city of Sioux Falls. For the third year in a row, a record construction valuation for issued permits occurred for Sioux Falls. The construction valuation in 2015 totaled $676,292,291 and was an increase of 9 percent from the previous record construction valuation of $619,502,240 in 2014, and an increase of 15 percent from the 2013 construction valuation of $588,248,861. The construction valuation for 2015 additionally exceeded 2012 by 38 percent, and continued to more than double those construction valuations in each of the recession years of 2009, 2010, and 2011.

Total Construction Valuation, 2003 to 2015



Single Family Dwellings

There were 663 new single-family dwellings permitted in 2015, an increase of approximately 1 percent as compared to the 604 new single-family dwellings issued in 2014, and a decrease of 10 percent as compared to the 731 single-family dwellings issued in 2013. The number of new single-family dwellings in 2015 continues to be in excess of those numbers in the recession years of 2009 through 2011, but has not yet approached the most robust years 2001 to 2007, which averaged 980 dwelling units per year for the homebuilding industry in the city of Sioux Falls.


Single-Family Dwelling Units, 2003 to 2015 



Town Houses are defined as owner-occupied single-family dwellings in which each unit extends from the foundation to the roof and has a yard or public space on at least two sides. There were 269 town house dwelling units permitted in 2015, which is an increase of 16 percent as compared to the 231 town house dwelling units issued in 2014. The 269 town house dwelling units issued in 2015 is the second-highest number of units issued, falling short of the 292 town house dwelling units issued in 2013.


Town House Units, 2003 to 2015





Multifamily housing includes nontransient housing such as apartments, independent living centers, congregate living facilities, etc. The number of multifamily units issued in 2015 was 804 dwelling units, which is the sixth highest number of dwelling units issued in a single year. The highest number of multifamily dwelling units issued in a year was 1,086 in 1977; the second-highest number was last year, 2014, at 1,069 dwelling units; the third-highest was the year before, 2013, at 1,016 dwelling units. Whereas this year’s multifamily units dropped 25 percent compared to last year, the last three years have consecutively seen a very strong number of new multifamily dwelling units constructed.


Multiple Family Dwellings, 2003 to 2015



The following lists the largest apartment projects issued in 2015:

Project Name Address Builder Number of Units
Hidden Hills 950–970 North Cliff Avenue Paradigm Construction 180 Units
West Pointe 7800–7864 South Townsley Avenue Signature Company 141 Units
Diamond Field Commons 4006–4109 South Grand Slam Avenue Signature Company 98 Units
Dublin Square 5700–5728 East Red Oak Drive Lloyd Construction 77 Units
26th Street Commons 1805–1869 South Katie Avenue Signature Company 70 Units
Sunset Villas 1700–1740 South Katie Avenue Paradigm Construction 52 Units
Rod’s Properties LLC 1624–1632 South Doodler Drive Aalberg Construction 40 Units
Santa Rosa Estates 6709–6901 South Santa Rosa Place Select Builders 32 Units
Westwood Multifamily 2215–2301 South Ellis Road KN Construction 31 Units
Judee Estates 1800–1823 East Northstar Place Bryan Wiseman Construction 24 Units
Windsor Heights 4280–4290 South London Drive Lloyd Construction 19 Units
South Pointe Townhomes 7401–7425 South Beal Avenue Select Builders 16 Units
Foxtail Creek 6017–6025 South Kerry Avenue VanOverschelde Custom Homes 16 Units
J W Property 1101 North Archer Avenue Josh Johnson 4 Units
Epic Homes Condos 5705 South Bahnson Avenue Vavra Construction 4 Units



Assisted and Nursing Dwelling Units

There were two projects consisting of assisted-living dwelling units and memory care sleeping units issued in 2015. The Evangelical Good Samaritan Society commenced construction on the Prairie Creek Memory Care nursing facility, consisting of 32 sleeping rooms with a supporting commons area. Additionally, Edgewood Crossing is constructing an assisted-living addition to its current facility, which consists of 28 new dwelling units.

Project Name



Prairie Creek Assisted Living   4309 West Creekside Drive  Gil Haugan Construction            $2,500,000
Prairie Crossing Addition     1806 South Dorothy Avenue   Mills Construction $2,500,000


Cumulative Number of Dwelling Units

The cumulative number of dwelling units consists of single-family dwellings, duplexes, nontransient apartments, independent and assisted living, and nursing dwelling and sleeping units. The total number of 1,798 dwelling units issued in 2015 decreased 13 percent from the record number of dwelling units issued in 2014, but nevertheless came in as the fifth-highest number of dwelling permits issued in one year. The highest number was 2,056 dwelling units in 2014; 2,039 dwelling units in 2013; 1,909 dwelling units in 2001; 1,824 dwelling units in 2000; and 1,798 dwelling units in 2015.

Cumulative Number of Dwelling Units, 2009 to 2015






The number of building permits for new commercial buildings (excluding the 67 new apartment buildings) increased dramatically to 89 projects, as compared to 65 projects in 2014, and 53 projects in 2013. The construction valuation doubled for new commercial buildings (excluding apartments). The construction valuation for new commercial buildings in 2015 was $178,915,124 compared to $86,541,226 in 2014. The construction valuation of new commercial projects including apartments in 2015 was $250,760,624.

The number and the total construction valuation for commercial additions, renovations, and remodels increased in 2015. There were 1,325 permits issued for commercial additions, renovations, and remodels as compared to 1,243 permits issued in 2014, and compared to the 920 permits issued in 2013. The construction valuation for commercial additions, renovations, and remodels increased to $170,399,772 as contrasted to $158.6 million in 2014, and compared to the $138.5 million in 2013.

There were 74 buildings (including apartments) that were permitted in 2015 with a construction valuation of $1,000,000 or more, with 8 buildings exceeding $10 million and 4 with a construction valuation of $20 million or more.

Commercial projects excluding apartments are broken into the following: Retail/Office, Assembly/Entertainment/Recreation, Education, and Business categories, as in the following tables. The tables list projects that were permitted with a construction valuation of greater than $500,000.


Project Name Address Description Valuation
Evangelical Lutheran Good Samaritan 4800 West 57th Street Ryan Building Addition $15,267,000
South-side Walmart 7821 South Minnesota Avenue Retail $9,600,000
Evangelical Lutheran Good Samaritan 4800 West 57th Street Hoeger Building Addition $7,348,000
Journey Group Office 5124 South Solberg Avenue New Contractor’s Office $4,500,000
Three Fountains One Office 2401 West Trevi Place New Office $4,336,000
Schulte Subaru 7601 South Minnesota Avenue Car Dealership $4,300,000
1st Dakota National Bank-South 6109 Old Village Place Banking Office $4,278,680
Hy Vee Remodel 3000 South Minnesota Avenue Interior Remodel $3,606,993
Zuercher Technology 4509 West 58th Street New Office $3,207,919
Fairway Foods 3301 South Sycamore Avenue New Grocery Store $2,900,000
Dakotabilities 1116 South Fourth Avenue Office/Day Care Addition $2,007,335
ELGS Jerstad Building Addition 4800 West 57th Street Office Addition $2,000,000
Bank Midwest 225 South Minnesota Avenue Banking Office Remodel $1,600,000
Dawley Building Shell 700 South Highline Place Retail Shell Structure $1,600,000
J & J Land Company 7001 South Lyncrest Place New Office $1,500,000
Hy-Vee C-Store 3100 East Tenth Street C-Store and Gas Canopy $1,090,000
Career Crossing 4101 East Benson Road Strip Mall Shell $900,000
Hockey Headquarters 4024 North Hercules Avenue Retail $900,000
Holly Plaza 2400 West 41st Street Multi-Tenant Building $897,286
ALDI Inc. 2808 South Louise Avenue Grocery Store Finish $800,000
Tallgrass-Auten Office 6201 East Silver Maple Circle Office Building $800,000
41st and Sycamore Retail 3320 South Sycamore Avenue Strip Mall Shell $750,000
Corner 2300 Strip Mall 2300 South Minnesota Avenue Strip Mall Shell $750,000
Heatheridge Strip Mall 6340 South Western Avenue Strip Mall Shell $670,000
Epocosity 300 North Main Avenue Office Remodel $655,000
American State Bank 223 South Phillips Avenue Remodel $650,000
Stockwell Engineers 801 North Phillips Avenue Footings and Foundations $628,000
Rain Tree on Louise 7640 South Louise Avenue Multi-Tenant Shell $610,000
Cars For Sale 2500 South Westlake Drive Footings and Foundations $600,000
Signature Office Building 4800 East 57th Street Office Building $600,000
Verizon Retail Store 2000 West 41st Street Retail Store $575,000
Vallhalla Office 3901 West Technology Circle Office $550,000
Duluth Trading Company 320 South Phillips Avenue Retail $500,000
Perspective Office 525 North Weber Avenue Office Remodel $500,000



Assembly / Entertainment / Recreation

Project Name Address Description Valuation
Spellerberg Park Aquatic Center 1601 South Western Avenue Indoor Pool Facility $20,000,000
Badlands Pawn 1600 West Russell Street Entertainment and Retail $6,250,000
OI-D1-GL Facility 5901 South Southeastern Avenue Fitness Facility $5,000,000
First Slavic Church 3205 South Six Mile Road Church $2,750,000
Special Olympics SD 900 East I-90 Lane Gymnasium $2,000,000
Washington Pavilion 301 South Main Avenue Reroof $1,230,455
Holy Spirit Parish 4309 South Bahnson Avenue Church Remodel $1,200,000
Sioux Falls Regional Airport 2801 South Jaycee Lane Check Point Remodel $1,000,000
JL Beers 3623 South Western Avenue Restaurant $959,200
Red Robin 4001 West 41st Street Restaurant $950,000
MacKenzie River Pizza 236 South Main Avenue Restaurant $897,304
Burger King 5000 North Granite Lane Restaurant $750,000
Woodlake Fitness 4600 South Tennis Lane Remodel $715,000
Hy-Vee Market Café 3020 East Tenth Street Restaurant Remodel $649,910
Celebrate Church 1000 South Sycamore Avenue Addition and Renovation $500,000



Project Name Address Description Valuation
Augustana Froiland Complex 2407 South Summit Avenue Science Building Addition $20,443,906
SETI Laboratory Building 2001 North Career Avenue New Laboratory Building $18,984,000
Harrisburg Elementary School 5800 South Bahnson Avenue New School $11,060,000
Jefferson Spanish Immersion 1510 South Lake Avenue New School $10,200,000
Patrick Henry Middle School 2200 South Fifth Avenue Addition and Remodel $923,600
Career & Technical Academy 4700 North Career Circle Remodel $668,000



Project Name Address Description Valuation
Sanford Imagenetics 1321 West 22nd Street Medical Building $22,737,467
Edith Sanford Breast Center 1309 West 17th Street Medical Building Addition $14,500,000
Republic National Distributing 4101 North Potsdam Avenue Distribution Facility $8,999,365
Kreiser’s 3901 West 39th Street North Warehouse $4,000,000
Avera NICU 1325 South Cliff Avenue Fourth Floor Remodel $3,700,000
Feeding South Dakota 4701 North Westport Avenue Distribution Facility $3,500,000
Soukup Construction 725 North Ebenezer Avenue Shop and Office $3,000,000
Sanford Airport Hangar 4125 North Maverick Place Hangar $2,800,000
Maverick Hanger 4301 North Maverick Place Hangar $2,465,000
Avera 1 West 1325 South Cliff Avenue Patient Room Upgrade $2,248,000
Avera Medical Group Building 5200 West Lake Shore Boulevard Medical Office Shell $2,000,000
Americo Company 1501 West Tenth Street Remodel for U-Haul $1,972,000
Bellmark Properties 617 West Algonquin Street Warehouse Addition $1,400,000
Volunteers of America 1310 West 51st Street Addition and Remodel $1,400,000
Doyle Family Land Company LLC 340 East 60th Street North Manufacturing Facility $1,300,000
Miller Funeral Home 7400 South Minnesota Avenue Funeral Chapel $1,300,000
Interstate Crossing Development 5301 South Solberg Avenue Day Care Facility $1,170,000
Midwest Motor Express 2807 North First Avenue Warehouse Addition $1,100,000
Precision Mechanical 2000 East 52nd Street North Warehouse Shell $1,100,000
Sioux Fall Water Reclamation 4500 North Sycamore Avenue Replace Digester $809,299
Sanford 1000 Level 1210 West 18th Street Remodel $788,000
WS Construction 200 North Ebenezer Avenue Contractors Shop $750,000
Silverstone Car Wash 1620 South Sycamore Avenue Car Wash $750,000
Jones 421 421 North Phillips Avenue Footings and Foundations $750,000
Western Mall 2101 West 41st Street Roof Replacement $675,000
Habitat for Humanity 721 North Amidon Street Addition $650,000
Avera Prairie Center 1000 East 23rd Street Third Floor Remodel $605,000
SP Warehouse II 2701 West Second Street Warehouse Shell $500,000