Current Planning

The current planning aspect of the Planning Department provides support for things that typically are going to move forward with development within the next couple of years.
  • Rezoning: $650.00 + (if exhibit required) $125.00
  • Conditional Use Permits: $375.00
  • Annexations: $350.00
  • Alternative Site Plan: $150.00
  • Initial/Final Development Plan: $350.00
The City of Sioux Falls first started planning and zoning with the creation of the Zoning Commission and zoning ordinance on July 25, 1927, following the South Dakota Legislature adoption of a Comprehensive Municipal Zoning Act in 1927. The Planning Department was not established in 1961 after the City Planning Commission was established in 1959.


Rezoning Petition / Conditional Use Permits/Lincoln County Joint Area:
    Urban Planner - Jason Bieber
    Direct Phone: (605) 367-8671

Historical Preservation / Downtown / Minnehaha County Joint Area:
    Urban Planner - Diane deKoeyer
    Direct Phone: (605) 367-8889

Annexations / Floodplain
Urban Planner - Albert Schmidt
    Direct Phone: (605) 367-8603

Citizen Committees (Naming, Visual Arts, SculptureWalk, Arts Council)
    Urban Planner – Russ Sorenson
    Direct Phone: (605) 367-8896

Downtown / Incentive Programs:
    Urban Planner - Dustin Powers
    Direct Phone: (605) 367-8897