Police Records


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Police Records

The Records Section operates seven days a week and has a full-time staff of Police Department Administration 14 employees. This section is managed by a civilian supervisor, Penny Hochstein, and consists of a Lead Records Clerk, Police Word Processors, and Police Records Clerks. The overall operation of the Records Section is the responsibility of the Records Supervisor who reports directly to the Administrative Captain under the Administrative Division.

Police Records Clerks

There are currently seven Police Records Clerks and one Lead Records Clerk. The Records Clerks process all incoming paperwork that is generated by law enforcement personnel. This includes warning tickets, uniformed summons and complaints, case reports, parking tickets, arrest reports, court notices, and traffic accident reports. They also prepare paperwork for imaging, merge and scan documents, and file Police Department and Sheriff’s reports.

The Records Clerks' primary job responsibilities are to enter, update, and maintain criminal history files.

Police Word Processors

This area in Records is staffed by five Word Processors. The Word Processors' primary responsibility is to transcribe dictated information from reports taken by law enforcement personnel. The efficiency of this area is crucial to providing exact and accurate reports for investigative purposes.

In addition to typing case reports, the Word Processors also type supplemental reports, information reports, and search warrants. The Word Processors also provide assistance to the Sheriff’s Office by typing case reports, supplemental and informational reports, affidavits, and juvenile petitions. They also provide backup support for any special typing projects.

The Records Section plays a key role in assisting law enforcement personnel with their requests as well as responding to customer inquiries, either by phone or in person.