Police Log Call List Disclaimer:

  • The following lists are comprised of calls for service to the Police Department.
  • This list does not have all the calls for service for the Police Department.
  • This is for informational purposes only and does not mean that a person is guilty or even charged with a crime.
  • The address listed is not necessarily the location of where the incident happened, but may be just where the call was made from.
  • This list only shows the last 30 days of activity.
  • Data is updated daily at approximately 8 a.m.

If you have any questions, please contact the Sioux Falls Police Department’s Administrative Services Division at 367-7261.


Dispo Code Meanings:

1MP - No officers available; call held for first available
31K - Warrant Service; warrant was served
ACCR  - South Dakota State Accident Report 
ACCS  - Short Form Accident 
AR  - Arrest Report; an arrest was made
AUNF - Unfounded Alarm 
AVAL - Alarm Valid 
BR  - Bike Report 
CITE - Ticket Issued; citation was issued
CR - Case Report; report was done for follow-up
EMS - EMS Form (E1) medical form completed
FI - Field Investigation Card 
IR - Information Report 
JAR - Juvenile Arrest Report 
K9R - K9 Report; K9 dogs used on the call
LCI - Lodged Children's Inn 
LDT - Lodged Detox 
LHS - Lodged Humane Society 
LJ - Lodged Jail
LJD - Lodged JDC 
LMK - Lodged McKennan 
LVOA - Lodged Volunteers of America 
NAT - Necessary Action Taken; officers advised and/or assisted citizens
P - Pictures
SR - Supplement Report; additional information was added to original report
TAG - Tagged Warning; ticket or parking ticket issued
TOW - Towed; vehicle was towed
TPR - Turn Over To Parent/Guardian 
UNF - Unfounded; no evidence of a crime being committed
UTA - Unable To Approach 
UTL - Unable To Locate 
WARN - Warned