Spring Cleaning

Household Hazardous Waste Disposal

With Spring Cleaning in full swing, remember that the Household Hazardous Waste Facility accepts household chemicals like automotive fluids, household cleaners, lawn chemicals, home improvement products, and now all batteries. They even recycle electronic devices too!
Household Hazardous Waste
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green pledge

Green Pledge Registration

The Green Pledge Program is a way for residents to show their commitment to living sustainably. This program provides residents an outlet to receive information on how to save money, lower their environmental impact, grow within the community, and live a healthier lifestyle. Sign-up today and help us make Sioux Falls an even greater community!
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Social Media

Social Media

Now available on Facebook and Twitter! Get live updates of our program, tips to live sustainably, or even provide feedback directly to our staff.

Recycling Progress

Recycling Progress

A primary goal of Sioux Falls Leading Green is to track and improve the recycling efforts for the City of Sioux Falls. We are proud to announce our new tracking methods. The City has an estimated regional recycling rate of 43% and a regional diversion rate of 78%. We also exceeded our Hauler Recycling goal for 2013!
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Rebates for Top Recyclers in Sioux Falls
Monthly Recycling Progress

LEED Gold Certified Offices

The Environmental Center has received a LEED Gold Certification status! By utilizing green building practices we are able to see 30% cost savings in water efficiencies, 42% cost savings in energy efficiencies, and diverted 75% of the construction waste away from the landfill.

Building Information and LEED Certification
Our LEED Building Report Card

Sustainability Master Plan

The sustainability Master plan is an in depth document that is set to guide our program through the future. This is a living document that can be changed as needed. feel free to learn more below:

Sustainability Master Plan
Full Sustainability Master Plan

Program Vision

A City where proven sustainable practices are implemented, concepts that reduce financial and environmental impacts are developed, and sustainable actions are fully integrated into the community.

Program Mission

Working together, we will promote a vibrant community through the innovative and wise use of our resources.

Defining Sustainability:

Put simply, sustainability is the ability to endure. Any time we work toward the preservation and betterment of our community, we are already practicing sustainability. More recently, communities around the world have begun to focus on social equity, economic vitality, and environmental consciousness as the three pillars of sustainability. When community leaders and citizens recognize the environmental, social, and economic impacts of their decisions, they can build a legacy that lasts the test of time.

What We Do:

The Sustainability Program has many focus areas within the City of Sioux Falls. Each area works towards the goals that are established within the Sustainability Master Plan. To obtain these goals the Sustainability Program partners both internally and externally with City Departments and organizations. While some of the programs are offered to the public, other areas such as internal audits, internal committees, and recycling monitoring programs are conducted behind the scenes. This program also assists with grant applications and research as requested within the City of Sioux Falls. There are no tasks to large or small. If there is something that you would like the City to consider, click on the CONTACT US icon and we can discuss further.


PSA Leading Green

Leading Green
Leading Green   [Watch Video]

Do You Recycle PSA

Do You Recycle -
Recycling Public Service Announcement -1    [Watch Video]

Do You Recycle PSA

Do You Recycle -
Recycling Public Service Announcement -2   [Watch Video]

Do You Recycle PSA

Do You Recycle -
Recycling Public Service Announcement -3   [Watch Video]

Bike Trail

Bicycle Master Plan
Sioux Falls has been a leader in the development of urban trail systems. The greenway trail...   [Watch Video]

Sioux Falls Sanitary Landfill - Where Does Your Garbage Go?
The Sioux Falls Regional Sanitary Landfill is the largest landfill in the state of South Dakota and covers over 160 acres...   [Watch Video]

How to Build and Decorate a Rain Barrel
How to Build and Decorate a Rain Barrel   [Watch Video]

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