Water Reclamation



Protect Public Health and the Environment by collecting and treating wastewater in a safe, reliable, ethical, cost-effective, and customer-friendly manner in accordance with all state and federal regulations

Division Summary

The Water Reclamation Facility consists of 14 structures and 29 treatment units located on a 60 acre site. The Water Reclamation staff is comprised of 50 employees that are managed in 4 separate units, Operations, Maintenance, Biosolids, and Collections. The facility is staffed with a minimum of two wastewater operators 24 hours per day 365 days each year. The Operations and Maintenance staff coordinate the daily functions at the Water Reclamation Facility.

5.689 billion gallons of wastewater was treated in 2011
The Water Reclamation Facility is currently rated to treat 
    A Maximum daily flow of 35 million gallons per day 
    An Average daily flow of 21 million gallons a day plant

The Collection staff is responsible for operating and maintaining
Over 800 miles of sanitary sewer collection system
Over 15,000 manholes
20 Lift Stations
8 additional private Lift Stations through private agreements.

The collections unit also contains a construction crew for repairing the sanitary sewer system and portions of the storm sewer system when necessary.

Another responsibility of the Water Reclamation Division is the Storm Sewer Collection System. The Storm Sewer Collection unit is responsible for
Cleaning and inspection of the storm sewer lines, junction boxes and inlets.
Operate and maintains
Over 400 miles of storm sewer collection system
Over 15 miles of sump pump collection system

The Siouxpergrow Biosolids Team coordinates the biosolids application program the program recycles 100 percent of the biosolids produced at the wastewater treatment facility. Biosolids are stored in two storage basins during the winter season and land applied during the spring and fall of the year.

Aerial Photo of the Water Reclamation Plant


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