Downtown Sioux Falls Rail Yard Redevelopment

Project Update

Project Update

Another important step has been completed in the railyard redevelopment project. The independent appraisal of the approximate 10 acres of land in Downtown Sioux Falls has been completed. The appraisal has been sent to Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railway for their review and due diligence. BNSF and the City are now in very early discussions about the land the City of Sioux Falls would like to purchase and that BNSF currently owns and occupies.

Rail Yard Redev

Downtown Sioux Falls Rail Yard Redevelopment

Welcome to the City of Sioux Falls’ website for the Downtown Sioux Falls Rail Yard Redevelopment Project. This site is the source for information related to the study of alternatives and public involvement. We encourage you to review the project materials and offer your comments, suggestions and input via our e-comment form found in the Feedback section.


To assess the feasibility of removing the rail yard out of downtown and determine options for its relocation. This would then create a redevelopment opportunity in the core part of downtown.

Environmental Assessment

Environmental Assessment
Finding of No Significant Impact

Supporting Documents

Project Milestones

Develop details on new alternative  Sept. 2012
Update Project Management Plan  Sept. 2012
Revise MOU  Sept. 2012
SHPO and Section 4(f)  Sept. 2012—April 2013
Drafting Preliminary EA  Oct. 2012—Jan. 2013
Hold Public Meeting  Jan. 31, 2013
Draft EA Completed  July 2013
Hold Public Meeting  August 14, 2013
Final EA Completed  September 26, 2013
Independent Appraisal Completed December 2014
Rail Yard Purchase Next Step