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A Sioux Falls Zoning Ordinance

The Shape Places Zoning Ordinance (Ordinance No. 9-13) passed by the City Council was, by petition, referred to the people for a vote. To the right is the following documents for public review:

  • Referred Shape Places Ordinance 9-13
  • Referred Shape Place Zoning Map
  • Zoning Map Symbol Explanation
  • The Shape Places Zoning Interface – which provides an illustrative and summary method to connect you to sections of the ordinance.
  • Past Zoning Study Groups – see this webpage for the process of putting together Shape Places

Zoning decisions affect land uses within the City. The current zoning ordinance was first adopted in 1983. The Shape Places Ordinance is based on input from a survey of 1,500 citizens followed by approximately 60 public meetings over a three-year period. The Shape Places Ordinance moves non-residential uses, such as nursing homes and day care centers, from certain single-family residential districts to office or multi-family zoning districts. The current 1983 ordinance allows more types of non-residential uses within a residential district with the grant of a conditional use permit. The Shape Places Ordinance requires a buffer yard between commercial and residential districts. The current ordinance does not require a buffer yard. The Shape Places Ordinance creates four different classifications of commercial zoning that determine the size of any commercial structure. The current zoning ordinance contains one classification for commercial zoning where any size of commercial structure could be allowed.

Under the Shape Places Ordinance, final land use decisions would be more often set by the zoning classification placed on the property and separation distance standards to residential areas. The current ordinance provides for final land use decisions more often through the grant of a conditional use permit. Under either ordinance, neighboring property owners would receive the same notice and have an opportunity to be heard at public hearings prior to any final land use decision. Under either ordinance, land use decisions would be presented to the Sioux Falls Planning Commission and ultimately decided by the City Council.

  • If the voters approve Ordinance No. 9-13, the current zoning ordinances will be amended.
  • If the voters disapprove Ordinance No. 9-13, the current zoning ordinances will remain in effect.
  • A vote “YES” is for the action and for the Ordinance No. 9-13 to take effect.
  • A vote “NO” is against the action and against the Ordinance No. 9-13 taking effect.