Street Sweeping Districts

Street Sweeping District Map 

Street Sweeping District Map

Track the street sweeping crews’ progress with an interactive map of the street sweeping districts.

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The City of Sioux Falls Street Maintenance Division of Public Works shall assume basic responsibility for sweeping public streets.  There are several reasons for the City to have a street sweeping program.  Primarily, there are local, state, and federal mandates, including the Federal Clean Water Act, which require the City to help prevent pollution from entering local waters. Regular street sweeping is one of the most cost-effective best management practices (BMP) to remove pollutants from our roadways before they wash into our drainageways, storm sewers, and eventually into our streams and rivers. This is generally more cost-effective than trying to remove pollutants once they have entered the drainage system; other benefits include reduced flooding, better aesthetics due to less trash on the roadways, and improved air quality due to reductions in street dirt. The City shall provide such service in a cost-effective manner keeping in mind safety; limited equipment, budget, and personnel; and environmental concerns. The City will use city-owned equipment and City employees to provide this service. Completion times and dates for street sweeping operations are dependent upon weather conditions, street conditions, and employee and equipment availability. Annually the City sweeps over 3,500 miles of public streets and as a result disposes of over 12,000 cubic yards of sediment, leaves, and other debris.  The Street/Fleet Manager and a Street Maintenance Supervisor are responsible for scheduling of personnel and equipment to achieve the desired results of maintaining the city's streets.


Spring sweeping primarily consists of removal of snow and ice control aggregate, sediment, and other debris on the road surfaces.  Spring sweeping shall begin as soon as possible when streets are generally clear of snow and ice and when daytime ambient temperatures remain above freezing.  Spring sweeping, designed to pick up the bulk of the aggregate, usually begins in mid-March and is typically completed by mid-June.  All paved alleys are swept once per year during the spring sweeping.

Fall sweeping is typically scheduled to begin in mid-September and completed by the last week in November, weather permitting. 

Sweeping operations are conducted as necessary throughout the year.  Some factors that may prohibit or delay sweeping operations include temperatures below freezing, heavy rain, snow, and frozen gutter lines.

The Downtown business area will be swept once during the spring sweeping and once during fall sweeping.  These sweepings will be completed between the hours of 12 midnight and 6 a.m.

Special events: Streets being used for special events may be swept prior to and/or after the event based on the availability of personnel and equipment.

Citizen requests for sweeping shall be evaluated by a Street Maintenance Supervisor and a priority status determined.

It is the goal of the City to sweep the entire city three times per year: spring, mid-summer, and fall.

Note:  Erosion/sedimentation and debris cleanup from construction projects is the responsibility of the developer, contractor, or property owner. 



The city has been divided into sweeping districts so crews can cover all areas of Sioux Falls alternating where they start each year. Sweeping is a slow process with gutter line speeds that can be as low as 2 to 3 miles per hour. The City sweeps with its own equipment and manpower.  The City uses sweepers to remove sediment and other debris from the streets; dump trucks are used to haul the material away to a disposal site. To reduce the amount of particulate materials emitted into the air during sweeping operations a flusher truck is used to wet the roadway prior to sweeping.  The Street Division will issue daily progress reports, which can be found on the City’s website at; this site also has a map of the street sweeping districts. Street Maintenance information is also available by calling the Sioux Falls Street Division at 367-8255 from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday or by calling the Street Condition Hotline at 367-8259.