Nuisance Vegetation



Frequently Asked Questions

  • What information do I need when I call to complain of a property that needs mowing?
  • What qualifies for a complaint?
  • What about thistles?
  • What about dandelions?
  • What happens after a complaint is made?
  • I got a letter from the City for mowing, now what?

See City Ordinance Chapter 11 for regulations governing vegetation.

Photo of a ThistlePlease notify the city of any yard or lot in the city limits of Sioux Falls that has grass that has grown 8 inches or taller and/or “state classified noxious weeds” which includes: Canada thistle, Russian knapweed, hoary cress, purple loosestrife, perennial sow thistle, leafy spurge and salt cedar. For photos of these weeds use the “What qualifies for a complaint link below”

Dandelion’s are not considered noxious by the state or county and therefore cannot warrant an inspection. See the FAQ links below for more information.

The most common issues addressed are:

  • Grass/Weed Violations
    • Grass and Weeds higher than 8"
    • Noxious weeds

Contact the Weed Inspector at 978-6900


What you need to know about Nuisance Vegetation