Cliff Avenue and 85th Street Area Improvements

85th Detour

Cliff Detour

Project Update 9/1/2023    

  • All asphalt and concrete paving of driving lanes has been completed.
  • The contractor is currently working on finishing sidewalk installation on the west side of Cliff Avenue south of 85th Street as well as colored median pavement on Cliff Avenue south of 85th Street.
  • Cliff Avenue was opened to one lane of traffic in each direction with turn lanes at stop sign controlled intersections on August 21st. This traffic configuration will be maintained for the next several weeks until the contractor has completed the remaining sidewalk and median paving. 
  • Permanent traffic signals continue to be delayed due to material lead times. The intersection of 85th Street and Cliff Avenue is planned to continue operating as an all-way stop until the permanent traffic signal materials are delivered and installed or until a temporary signal can be installed.

Commuter Route Information:  

  • The intersection of 85th Street and Cliff Avenue is closed to traffic.
  • 85th Street traffic should utilize 69th Street as an alternate route.
  • Cliff Avenue traffic should utilize Minnesota Avenue as an alternate route.

Project Milestones

  1. Pavement removals
  2. Watermain installation
  3. Sanitary sewer installation
  4. Storm drainage improvements
  5. Grading
  6. Geotextile Fabric Installation
  7. Graveling
  8. Concrete Paving
  9. Asphalt Paving
  10. Driveways, approaches, curb ramp, and sidewalk construction
  11. Street lighting installation
  12. Traffic signal installation
  13. Site restoration

85th & Cliff looking South

85th & Cliff looking South

85th & Cliff looking West

90th & Cliff looking West

Project Overview

Completion Date:

August 18, 2023 (substantial completion)
October 13, 2023 (final completion) 

Contract Amount:

$4.15 million

Project Summary:

This project consists of the complete reconstruction of the 85th Street and Cliff Avenue intersection. On 85th Street, the project extends from 750 feet west of Cliff Avenue to 150 feet east of Cliff Avenue. On Cliff Avenue, the project begins approximately 1975 feet south of 85th Street and extends approximately 430 feet north of 85th Street. Work will include installation of 20” PVC water transmission main, storm sewer construction, and extending sanitary sewer across Cliff Avenue at the 90th Street intersection. The project will be paved with 9” PCC Pavement within the intersection and 7” of asphalt pavement at the tie-in connections.  A center median and turn lanes will be added to the intersection. New sidewalk will be placed on the west side of Cliff Avenue and the north side of 85th Street. New street lights and landscaping features will be added to the center median and a new traffic signal will be added at the 85th Street and Cliff Avenue intersection. Several private utility companies will also be upgrading their facilities during the project.

Contact Information

City of Sioux Falls
Troy Miller

Consultant Name:

DGR Engineering, Inc.
Scott LaVoy, PE

Contractor Name:

Black-Top Paving Company