Top 10 City Projects


Welcome to the Top Ten City Projects List


The following City projects are identified as Top 10 due to their significant impact on citizens and our community at large. These projects also have a significant impact through City departments, guiding their work efforts and collaboration. Below is an alphabetical list of each project, their objectives, and a contact name should you have further questions or comments. Stop back to this page in the future to see progress and development on these projects.  


Levitt Shell

The City of Sioux Falls entered into an agreement with the Levitt Foundation which is a private family foundation founded to support the arts, culture, and education. The City has agreed to construct and maintain a Levitt Shell as a venue for offering free performances and concerts on a regular basis. Levitt Sioux Falls has also been organized and incorporated to raise funds for the project and to operate the facility going forward.

More: Contact Mike Patton (

Enterprise Asset Management Software System

The City’s Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) policy statement states, “The City will operate an EAM program that incorporates a consistent approach to managing fixed assets, promotes efficient work management, provides actionable information, and offers an opportunity for strategic decision making. The program will directly address the City’s strategic goals of great customer service, improved business processes, and fiscal responsibility.” The City will implement a software system to meet this goal and to standardize asset management activities across several departments and divisions.

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Water Reclamation Facility Master Plan Projects

As the City of Sioux Falls continues to grow, its infrastructure needs to as well. A Wastewater Treatment and Collection System Master Plan document is near completion that outlines necessary improvements over the next several years. The recommended projects will assure reliability of existing infrastructure while increasing capacity of both the Water Reclamation Facility and the sanitary sewer collection system.

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Mixed Use Parking Ramp

The purpose of this project is to build a quality public parking ramp to accommodate the downtown parking demand while providing opportunity for private partnership for aesthetically attractive mixed-use development.

More: Downtown Parking Ramp Page  | Contact Erin Bofenkamp


What Works Cities - Open Data Initiative

The purpose of this project is to create greater transparency and offer easier access to public information.

More: Contact Debra Gaikowski


Downtown Sioux Falls Rail Yard Redevelopment

The purpose of this project is to redevelop 10-acres of land downtown recently purchased by the City from the BNSF Railway. For additional questions or comments you may contact Erin Bofenkamp.

More: Rail Yard Redevelopment PageContact Erin Bofenkamp 


Public Safety Software Project

The purpose of this project is to replace a software system that has met its useful life and will no longer be supported. A new solution(s) will have functionality to monitor and control the following business processes: Computer-aided Dispatch (CAD), Integrated Mapping, Mobile CAD, Jail Management, Law Enforcement Records Management, and Fire and EMS Data Management. Integrations with other systems will be key to a successful implementation.

More: Contact Debra Gaikowski


City Administration Building

The purpose of this project is to construct a new City administration building to prepare for long-term growth, improve service to citizens, strengthen departmental collaboration, improve employee work environment and maximize the taxpayer dollar.

More: City Administration BuildingContact Erin Bofenkamp

Public Safety Facilities Study

The overall objective of the study is to provide an assessment of the Public Safety training facility condition and future needs, evaluate current and future station placement and utilization and provide a thorough and objective review of the deliver of Fire Rescue Services and Police Report to Work locations.

More: Contact Erin Bofenkamp


Fleet Centralization

The purpose of this project is the modernization and centralization of fleet operations to capture efficiencies, control costs, improve service, and transparency using standardized industry best practices. This project will replace and streamline the software system that has been in place since 1999. This new software will provide better reporting of key performance indicators that City staff will use to makes any necessary changes to better serve its customers. For additional questions or comments, you may contact Scott Gregor.

More: Contact Scott Gregor