2023 Retrofit Cathodic Protection

Progress map

Project Update 6/30/2023    

  • The contractor has completed work on this project.  In total the contractor completed 675 cores of asphalt, grass areas, or concrete, installed 662 sacrificial anodes, and protected approximately 2.5 miles of ductile iron water main from corrosion.

Commuter Route Information:  

  • Roads between East 41st Street and East 49th Street from South Southeastern Avenue to South Bahnson Avenue will be temporarily reduced to one lane with parking restrictions periodically from March 2023 to July 2023. 
  • All roads in this neighborhood will remain open to traffic. 
  • Lane closures and parking restrictions due to construction activity will be of short duration and will move down the road daily as construction progresses. 
  • Effort will be made to minimize the duration and length of closures to areas where work is actively taking place.

Project Milestones

  1. Begin Construction
  2. Bahnson Circle
  3. Southern Circle
  4. Jesse James Circle
  5. Jesse James Drive
  6. Jesse James Court
  7. Matthew Drive
  8. Matthew Circle
  9. Micah Circle
  10. Kris Drive
  11. Benjamin Drive
  12. Micah Lane
  13. Marson Drive
  14. Four Hills Plaza
  15. The Pines
  16. Fully Complete Construction

Project Overview

Completion Date:

July 2023

Contract Amount: 

$ 1,288,251 

Project Summary:

This project consists of retrofit cathodic protection for the existing water main in the East Marson Drive neighborhood. The intent of the cathodic protection is to extend the life of existing ductile iron water main. The water main will be cored approximately every 20 feet to install a sacrificial anode bag, and the cores will be replaced, patched, or seeded as appropriate.

Contact Information

City of Sioux Falls
Troy Miller

Consultant Name:

HDR Engineering, Inc.
Gabriel Laber

Contractor Name:

Kantex Industries, Inc.
John Lowe