Cliff Avenue Improvements – 49th Street to 56th Street

Project Update 10/7/2022   

  • Cliff Avenue is fully open to traffic.
  • Side streets are open to traffic.
  • Restoration is complete.
  • Only punch list work remains.
  • This will be the last project update.

Commuter Route Information: 

  • Cliff Avenue and side streets are fully open to traffic.
  • Existing sidewalk on the east side of Cliff Avenue is open to pedestrians.

Project Milestones 

Phase 1: Cliff Avenue – 200-ft north of 54th Street through 56th Street

  1. Install initial traffic control. 
  2. Removals. 
  3. Watermain installation.
  4. Storm Sewer installation. 
  5. Culvert lining.
  6. Grading and cement stabilization of subgrade.
  7. Concrete street paving.
  8. Driveway and sidewalk paving.
  9. Signage, pavement markings and roadway lighting. 
  10. Topsoil and seeding. 

Phase 2: Cliff Avenue – Tomar Road to 200-ft north of 54th Street

  1. Full closure of Cliff Avenue.
  2. Removals. 
  3. Watermain installation.
  4. Storm Sewer installation. 
  5. Grading, embankment of west side of Cliff and cement stabilization of subgrade.
  6. Concrete street paving.
  7. Driveway and sidewalk paving.
  8. Signage, pavement markings, guardrail, and roadway lighting. 
  9. Topsoil and seeding. 

Project Overview

Completion Date:

November, 2022

Contract Amount: 


Project Summary:

This project consists of replacement of the existing Cliff Avenue asphalt roadway with a widened concrete roadway between Tomar Road and 56th Street. A second southbound traffic lane will be added for this stretch of roadway. Four lanes are needed to accommodate the growing traffic volumes and to eliminate the southbound bottleneck at Tomar Road where Cliff transitions from two lanes to one. Embankment will be added to the west side of Cliff Avenue to accommodate the roadway widening. Utility improvements include water main replacement, sanitary sewer repairs, storm drainage replacement, lining of a culvert crossing between 54th Street and 56th Street, street light replacement, fiberoptic line installation from Tuthill Park to 57th Street, and private utility improvements.

Contact Information

City of Sioux Falls
John Osman
(605) 367-8601

Consultant Name:

Stockwell Engineers
Mitch Mergen, PE
(605) 338-6668

Ross Kuchta

Contractor Name: