National Community Survey


The National Community Survey™ (The NCS™) report is about the “livability” of Sioux Falls. A livable community is a place that is not simply habitable, but that is desirable. It is not only where people do live, but where they want to live. The survey was developed by the experts at Polco's National Research Center.

Great communities are partnerships of the government, private sector, community-based organizations and residents, all geographically connected. The NCS captures residents’ opinions considering ten central facets of a community:

  • Economy
  • Mobility
  • Community Design
  • Utilities
  • Safety
  • Natural Environment
  • Parks and Recreation
  • Health and Wellness
  • Education, Arts, and Culture
  • Inclusivity and Engagement

The report provides the opinions of a representative sample of 598 residents of the City of Sioux Falls collected from January 4, 2021 to February 22, 2021. The margin of error around any reported percentage is 4% for all respondents and the response rate for the 2020 survey was 21%. Survey results were weighted so that the demographic profile of respondents was representative of the demographic profile of adults in Sioux Falls.