Help us find ways to eliminate barriers to technology in our community.

Digital equity describes a state when all individuals and communities have the information technology resources and abilities needed to fully participate in our society, democracy and economy. To achieve digital equity for a community, three main barriers need to be remedied to ensure that all community members have equal access to and effective use of technology. These include:

  1. Access to affordable, reliable, robust broadband Internet service;
  2. Access to devices (e.g. tablets, desktop computers, laptops) that best meet the needs of the user; and
  3. Digital literacy skills to comfortably navigate the Internet and use technology as part of daily life activities.

According to a 2020 survey, approximately 15 percent of households in Sioux Falls lack Internet access at home or on a mobile device. Additionally, approximately 10 percent of low-income households in Sioux Falls do not have access to computers, laptops, smartphones or tablets. The digital divide is very real in our community and is impacting our residents’ ability to perform in school, apply for jobs, further their education, and access the advantages of our growing digital society.

How you can help:

We are seeking community members to join the Inclusive Digital Equity Alliance (IDEA) to understand and address the real effects our community is facing related to digital equity. You don’t have to be a technology professional to help. Whether you’re a student, community builder, entrepreneur, artist, designer, business owner, connector, advocate or a combination of all of these—join us! The IDEA coalition needs your help and will succeed through diversity of thought, talent, background and experience. Sign up below!


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Allie Hartzler
Innovation Coordinator // City of Sioux Falls
Office 605-367-8893

IDEA Community Partners

Colin Irvine, Augustana University
Melissa Goodwin, Avera Health
Jodi Fick, City of Sioux Falls
Mike Grigsby, City of Sioux Falls
Allie Hartzler, City of Sioux Falls
Anne McFarland, Embe
Rich Merkouris, Empower
Mike Christopherson, Harrisburg School District
Eyabane Patasse, Midco
Paige Pearson Meyer, Midco
Heather Krause, Sanford Health
Taneeza Islam, SD Voices for Peace
Andy Patterson, Sioux Falls Area Community Foundation
Alex Ramirez, Sioux Falls Chamber
DeeAnn Konrad, Sioux Falls School District
Ryan Knutson, Sioux Falls School District
Sara Lum, Zeal Center for Entrepreneurship
Betsy Schuster, 211 Helpline