Investing in Downtown

Downtown has come a long way in the past 25 years thanks to community leaders who saw the value in preserving its history while also setting the stage for a new generation of storefronts, projects and investments. With monumental downtown investments on the horizon from the public and private sector, the transformation is far from complete, and the positive impact this will have for our entire community is remarkable.

Mayor Paul TenHaken - Mayor Paul TenHaken

The Vision

Through continued public and private investment, downtown Sioux Falls has evolved into a vibrant mixed-use environment where people come to live, work and play. Community leaders have seen the value in preserving downtown's history while setting the stage for a new generation of storefronts, projects, and investments. Downtown has emerged as a paramount economic development amenity that has become a critical asset in attracting and retaining businesses, residents, and visitors to the City. The City of Sioux Falls has recognized the importance of leveraging public investment and improvements downtown to stimulate private investment. The public and private sectors will invest an estimated $400 million downtown in the next three years. Those investments will provide additional office, retail, housing, and hospitality options and improve our public infrastructure. Ultimately, improving density, connectivity, and walkability to downtown for our residents and visitors while positively impacting the entire community.

The type of growth we are experiencing in Sioux Falls is unparalleled to anything that we've experienced thus far in our City's history.
Erica Beck
- Erica Beck, Chief of Staff for The City of Sioux Falls


Residential Units


Hotel Rooms


Parking Spaces


Square Feet Retail Space


Square Feet Convention Space


Square Feet Office Space

Project Map

Public and Private Investment

With all of the private investment, we've got to compliment that with public infrastructure.

Mayor Paul TenHaken - Mark Cotter, Director of Public Works



The Steel District

Timeline: 2021-2024

Investment Location Private Investment

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Cherapa Place

Timeline: 2021-2024

Investment Location Private Investment

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The Cherapa Place and the Steel District development are the most recent and transformative pieces to the vibrant downtown landscape. Together these two projects represent nearly $400 million of capital investment.

Jeff Eckhoff
- Jeff Eckhoff, Director of Planning & Development


Jacobson Plaza at Falls Park

Timeline: 2022

6th Street Bridge

Timeline: 2022-2023

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Phase III River Greenway

Timeline: 2022-2023

City of Sioux Falls Investment Public Investment

We are really excited about our phase three development of the downtown river greenway. It will be a public private partnership between Steel District and the City to build out the river greenway, make a connection into Falls Park and really make it another transformational project that will add life and vitality to our downtown.

Don Kearney
- Don Kearney, Director of Parks & Recreation


7th St Cul-de-sac

Timeline: TBD

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Phillips Avenue 8th-10th

Timeline: TBD

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Active and Vibrant Downtown

In the next five years Sioux Falls is on track to create over 8,000 new jobs and grow our population by 25,000 people. An active and vibrant downtown is key to attracting new talent and skilled workforce to the region and with the growth in downtown Sioux Falls, we can now promote live, work and entertainment space benefiting the entire community and every citizen to some degree.
Bob Mundt
- Bob Mundt, President & CEO of Sioux Falls Development Foundation