CNN Feature: Where America Works

Sioux Falls recently was featured on CNN’s Fareed Zakaria GPS. Sioux Falls was the second city featured in a five-part series called “Where America Works.” According to the CNN website, “Washington, D.C., may be broken, but intractable problems are being solved in towns across America.” Sioux Falls was selected by CNN as one of five such towns.

In November 2013 the Mayor’s Office received an email from a producer for Fareed Zakaria GPS. CNN requested permission to interview and profile Mayor Mike Huether regarding the government efforts that have made Sioux Falls a boom town. The City of Sioux Falls hosted a producer and photojournalist from CNN in December 2013. During their visit, CNN interviewed Mayor Huether and others, toured the city, and were interested in how government was getting results.

Fareed Zakaria GPS is a weekly global affairs program that airs on Sundays on CNN and CNN International. Fareed Zakaria, the show host, is also a Washington Post columnist and a New York Times bestselling author.