City Budget

Message from Mayor Paul TenHaken

Sioux Falls’ 2023 budget is shaped by our City’s rapid growth and today’s economic climate. Strategic investments will enable us to plan for tomorrow while meeting community needs. The budget continues to be guided by the One Sioux Falls framework: safety and health, accessible housing, workforce development ― and a new focus on kids and families. When we invest in creating a great place for kids and families, our entire community benefits.

We are One Sioux Falls, moving forward together.

Mayor Paul TenHaken

Mayor Paul TenHaken

FY 2023 Budget Summary

The 2023 budget focuses on strategic investments to maintain current assets while planning for new infrastructure needs of our growing community. Thoughtful use of taxpayer dollars will allow continuing delivery of essential services and Sioux Falls’ excellent quality of life.

  • General Fund: This, the City’s primary operating fund, provides essential operating services, including fire and police, highways and streets, parks and recreation, public health, and public libraries. The 2023 budget is $214.9 million, up $14.7M or 7.3% from 2022.
  • Capital Plan: The Capital Plan balances maintenance of existing City assets with development of new street and utility infrastructure. The Mayor’s five-year (2023-27) capital plan is $931 million, of which $187.2 million is designated for use in 2023.
2023 Budget Book Cover

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Explore Mayor TenHaken's 2023 budget, and discover the City's focus on strategic investments to meet the needs of our growing community.

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Fiscal Responsibility

Through thoughtful use of taxpayer dollars and remaining conservative in revenue forecasts, the City will maintain its solid financial position. For each dollar in the City’s tax revenue budget, 26¢ goes to our public safety departments to help our firefighters and police officers and 33¢ goes back to maintaining our streets.


This budget prepares the state’s largest city for strategic growth, while maintaining a strong financial position. Through planned use of taxpayer dollars, our City team will continue to deliver essential services to the community and retain Sioux Falls’ excellent quality of life.

Affordable Housing

The 2023 budget continues to increase the City’s annual investment in collaboration with private and non-profit sectors working with a “One Sioux Falls” mindset to address housing challenges.

Kids and Families

Improving public transit, exploring options for the future of the city’s aquatics system, construction of a skate park, and continued expansion of the recreation trail are also included.

Workforce Development

To continue delivering quality services, the 2023 budget includes funding for 30 new full-time positions, including four police officers. It also includes part-time wage adjustments to assure market competitiveness.


Sioux Falls continues to grow and the 2023 budget provides funding for key infrastructure systems. The Sioux Falls Regional Water Reclamation Plant expansion will be supported, and more than $100 million was proposed for street repair and maintenance.

Safety and Health

A safe and healthy community is a family-friendly community. The 2023 budget continues our strong commitment to public safety. We are investing in four additional police officers support response to emergency calls.


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